The Twilight Collection – Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse And Breaking Dawn

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The Twilight Collection – Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse And Breaking Dawn

If you are a fan of vampire stories, you will absolutely love the Twilight Collection. This consists of four books that have been written by Stephenie Meyer and they are about the lives of a family of vampires called the Cullens and how they interact with the humans.

The main storyline is based around a love story involving Edward Cullen, the vampire and Bella Swan, a mortal.

We learn how they met, how they fall in love and all the challenges that they face as they try to get on with their day to day lives. No one knows about the existence of vampires and the Cullens try their best to assimilate into society. They have even made the decision to abstain from drinking human blood because they do not want to be labeled as monsters.

The four books in the collection have done so well that they have all been given the green light and have been made into major movies. The names of the books are:


New Moon


Breaking Dawn

When Twilight the movie was released, it was made with a very small budget. The producers were very happy with the huge success that it had. The two main actors have been catapulted from obscurity into world famous celebrities.

The role of the brooding vampire Edward Cullen is played by the exceptionally handsome Robert Pattinson. He is a British actor and he thorough embodies the look and feel of the character. The role of the mortal Bella Swan is played by the very pretty Kristen Stewart. These two have great chemistry together and play a very realistic couple.

If you are interested in getting these books, you can now find them for sale as a complete box set collection. This would also make a wonderful gift idea for any sort of occasion. If you prefer, you can take a look online to find the Twilight and New Moon DVDs on sale.

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