Hrithik & Kristen to Star in Shekhar Kapur’s Paani

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Hrithik & Kristen to Star in Shekhar Kapur’s Paani

If you thought Barbara Mori is the only pulchritudinous female in Hollywood Hrithik is sharing screen space with? Then you have another thing coming your way. Bollywood

superstar Hrithik Roshan will be sharing screen space with Twilight fame Kristen Stewart. Bollywood superstar Hrithik will be seen opposite Kristen Stewart in Shekhar Kapur’s next. The movie as of now has been titled Paani. This one would be an English speaking movie.

It’s a fact hard to digest as unlike Barbara Mori who gained more prominence amongst the Indian masses after she signed Kites opposite Hrithik Roshan, Kristen Stewart is much a bigger celebrity and heartthrob amongst the Indian masses and globally. The gorgeous lass is renowned for her work in noteworthy movies like “Into The Wild”, “Adventureland”, “The Runaways” and she is better known as Isabella Swan. But the character that appealed the most and connected well with the audience is the character of Bella in the movie adaptations of the “Twilight” book series. This is one eye popping news for anybody and everybody and who can deliver it better than the Golden Globe nominated director Shekhar Kapur who earlier has given us movies like “Mr. India”, “Bandit Queen”, “Elizabeth” and “New York, I Love You”.

The 20 year old Kristen Stewart kick started her career when she was petite. At a tender age she was nominated under the category of Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film – Leading Young Actress in the year 2002. Then after her career took off as she was again nominated under the category of Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film – Supporting Young Actress in the year 2003 for the role she enacted of Kristen Tilson in the movie Cold Creek Manor and also in 2004 under the same category for the movie Undertow. But, her standout performance wherein she was nominated under two categories, was the character of Tracy from the highly acclaimed movie Into The Wild.

And now finally she would be seen making her debut in Bollywood movies with none other than the superstar himself Hrithik Roshan. The news has already spread like wildfire as the masses are really looking forward to see the camaraderie these two share on the silver screen.

Hrithik Roshan is going at a good pace with many movies in his pipeline. The actor will be seen in much hyped & equally much awaited movie “Kites” with Barbara Mori and he is working on movies like “Guzaarish”, “Krishh 2”, “Kismat Talkies” and also in an untitled project with Zoya Akhthar.

Well, the buzz created by the news has really done a good pre-promotion of the bollywood movies. The hype is created and now all eyes are set on the authenticity of the news. Nothing is being finalized yet, but the blue-eyed hunk Hrithik is surely getting his hands full as an actor. The project will tentatively take off later this year and if the project sees the light of the day, it should be a great launching pad for Kristen Stewart’s young career.

Well, as days are passing by, Bollywood movies and Hollywood are coming together and the conglutination has started big time.

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Halloween Costume Ideas ? Ideas for Kids, Toddler, Adult Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costume Ideas ? Ideas for Kids, Toddler, Adult Halloween Costumes

Halloween 2010 is almost here and it is the perfect time for folks of all ages to indulge in pop culture fantasy. Now it’s time to make any last minute Halloween costume choices and decide what pumpkin carving patterns you want to use. Since Halloween is on Sunday this year, it will be great for kids and adults alike! We will all have the entire weekend to decorate our homes, host or go to Halloween parties, and to thrill and chill Trick or Treater’s on Sunday night.


What a great Halloween we will all have this year. Be sure to stop by Papatek prepared for your Halloween and help you enjoy Halloween as much as we do! Providing costumes ideas for the physically challenged, making your own Halloween costume, Halloween decorations for kids, toddlers, adults, couples or groups. Happy Halloween and other Halloween information we provide on!


You don’t have to be a kid to dress up in a spectacular costume. Halloween is a holiday that brings out the child in everyone. According to the National Retail Federation, 4 out of 10 Americans (40.1%) will be dressing up this Halloween season.  This is great news for retailers, with Americans spending around each for their costumes. What are the options for costume ideas this Halloween?  The choices are endless.


Here are some timely celebrity costume ideas that can be both humorous and scary, and promise to be a lot of fun for your Halloween celebration, like Twilight Character, Lady Gaga, etc. The popularity of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight novels and the release of movies such as New Moon and Eclipse will undoubtedly produce a surge of vampires and werewolves this Halloween season. Lady Gaga as the musical entertainer dresses up like Halloween on a daily basis, so it should not be difficult to emulate her style for just one night during the year. There are loads of options for dressing up like Lady Gaga.


In addition, you can make your own costume for cheap by using items you already have around the house. With a small amount of creativity, just an iota of craftsmanship, and a few easily obtainable items, it’s simple to put together a costume that will steal the show. For instance, you find a rectangular box large enough to wear over your body and paint it black and decorate the front with buttons, coin slot, etc.


If you plan on building a graveyard for Halloween, dig a shallow grave directly in front of one of the tombstones and lay a skeleton down in it. Add some dirt over and around the skeleton so that he is about fifty to seventy percent exposed. Now, scatter some dried leaves around the grave. In fact, a homemade Halloween costume not only helps you pinch pennies, but it ensures that your look will be totally unique and truly memorable!


Even if your toddler’s too young to go trick-or-treating, you can still have fun celebrating Halloween together. Other couples may have children under 14 months old. And you can have everyone over for a Halloween party. Solid color turtlenecks and sweat pants are an easy and comfortable costume starter for kids. Add hats, wigs, capes, wings, face paint etc. When you select a Halloween costume for your child, you had better choose a costume that won’t fall apart before the night’s festivities are over. If the costume is elaborate, dress your child in simple clothing underneath.

If you’re set on buying a costume, you can still pinch pennies. Look for discounts and shop around and buy early. Most costumes are available at more than one store. That will give you the best chance at a good price, and will leave you time to make an exchange in case there is a problem.

Well, all the ideas that’s fit to fright! Best of all, Papatek with different laptop accessory products available at the click of your mouse, which help you decide which fun character you want to dress up as on this Halloween.

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What Is So Special In “new Moon”?

by jcbehm

What Is So Special In “new Moon”?

If you write term “Twilight” in Google engine it will bring you outputs of 105 millions of pages and you will obtain 2, 5 millions of sites if you type “Twilight 3d wallpapers“. “Twilight” Saga wallpapers are very famous at present and all this is explained by the unbelievable notability of these movies.

Today let us detect what in so special in Edward and Bella love story and why it became so vogue all over the world.
All “Twilight” Saga movies are created by the books of Stephanie Meyer, the female who was just an ordinaryhousewife 5 years ago and today is one of the most vogue authors in the world. She began to make this book planning to earn 10 000 to pay for her minivan. She started it one crazy summer morning while her bedfellow and children were in bed. But the way she managed to publish it in New York is a bit curious, the thing is that she detected names of literary agents in Internet and mailed all of them small parts of “Twilight” novel. She got 750 thousand dollar agreement for the first three books of “Twilight” story. Now these books are printed in 37 countries and have millions of fans all over the world. There are a lot of forums dedicated to this novel, where human beings get acquainted to speak about their fav “Twilight” characters. Girls enjoy to wear T-shirts with various slogans on this subject such as “‘I Love Vegan Vampires” or “I Love Hot Guys With Superpowers (and Fangs)”. Users of Internet get avatars, glitter graphics, icons and
3d computer wallpapers related with this story. Also they get songs of these movies and expect for a new part of it.

When the third book of “Twilight” Saga called “Eclipse” was published it was equalized in the number of sold copies with the books of J.K. Rowling, outstanding creator of Harry Potter series.

The basic story of “Twilight” Saga is a story of love between nice and clever 17-year-old woman, Bella Swan, and handsome vampire Edward. Their love was very deep but full of difficulties connected with their differences. She is a haman being and he is a vampire, but love is a very amusing feeling and it can unite people who were not expected to be together. It is very amusing to look how courageously they solve all their problems and still stay together.

Stephanie Meyer paired vampire subject with a true story of love by that reason this novel became so vogue now. When Buffy TV show turn to be vogue everybody found out that this theme is interesting for people and without doubt stories of love will always be famous among people. And in the end we receive awesome “Twilight” Saga created by a fabulous creator such as Stephanie Meyer.

See or read “Twilight” Saga and you will understand how curious it is, you can detect wallpapers, avatars, glitter graphics with “Twilight” heroes in Internet and if you seek for it thoroughly you will detect them for free there.

If you are looking for great <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=””>3d wallpapers</a> for your pc, then visit! There you will be happy to discover a fantastic variety of <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=””>free wallpapers</a> on every topic you want!<br /><br />

Watch Twilight Eclipse Streaming

Watch Twilight Eclipse Streaming

However you decide to celebrate the opening of Eclipse in the theaters make positive you and your friends have a wonderful time. The Twilight Saga has so many faithful fans and has become a huge phenomena. These fans are people of all ages from tweens to teens to moms. Just take a glimpse at all the internet sites that can be noticed once you do a Google search. It’s really an amazing thing to watch and be a part of.

Verify out Party Ideas Parade for all your party supplies and party ideas! Find far additional about this popular party theme at Eclipse party ideas. Jillian is a Twilight Saga fan and enjoys to write articles about how to have entertaining at Twilight and other Saga themed parties. Ms. Party Ideas can answer all your party questions and enjoys swapping party ideas with you.

Plot . The twilight Saga: Eclipse is a nerve-wrecking horror/ fantasy directed by David Slade. The plot of this movie revolves mainly around two characters in the movie named Bella and Edward. This stunning movie displays the adore involving Bella and Edward who are shown to rejuvenate their relationship. This movie provides an awkward situation for Bella as she is enforced to decide concerning her adore and companionship. The twilight Saga: Eclipse trailer really speaks volumes about the enthralling video clips that are existing in the movie. The movie has a great deal a lot more to offer as Bella is again confronted with an uncomfortable situation as she tries to make up her mind on either humanity or the other way. After that, Bella considers the fact that there is not a long way ahead as far as graduation is concerned. This leads to a panic situation with her. In the meantime, the troubles just continue to preserve on piling up for Bella considering her feelings for Jacob who has his incredibly private arranged of emotions. The movie takes an even sizzling appear when the vampire starts to think for revenge from Bella. All in all, The twilight Saga: Eclipse video is a really should watch for all Movie Lovers.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse movie is Directed By . David Slade


Have you seen watch twilight eclipse java? Check it out over at watch twilight breaking dawn

Obsessed, I Mean Dazzled by Twilight! The Effect the Twilight Movie and Saga Have on Me!

Obsessed, I Mean Dazzled by Twilight! The Effect the Twilight Movie and Saga Have on Me!

Lately I have been writing about Twilight Party Ideas…all the time. I find myself, like many other Twilight movie and book fans, quite obsessed. Perhaps dazzled is a better word…obsession sounds a little over the line, don’t you think. I am very, very dazzled.

When I decided to, finally, read the Stephanie Meyer Saga I was not prepared for what I was about to experience. I still have to remember to breathe again every time I hear, or read, the words “I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him”. I don’t know why the word irrevocably has such an effect on me…but it does. I guess it’s because there is absolutely no doubt of Bella’s intense and unchangeable feelings for Edward. They are…and they will always be. Nothing can ever, ever change it. It’s certainly right at the very top of my favorite Twilight quote list…and that’s a long list, a very long list.

I bought the first novel and went on my merry way home to read it. It seemed like an easy choice and I knew, with my history of “love of vampire romances” I would enjoy reading it. I am, after all, a solid Buffy fan charmed by Angel, and all the others vamp stories I have enjoyed, like Lost Boys and Blade. I began to read it that night…without stopping, finished it in the wee hours of the morning. I can’t remember the last time any book had my undivided attention, like this one did. And for a Vampire Romance story…yes, I do like Vampires…but nonstop reading all night? I was even more surprised when I went out the very next day and bought New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn and eagerly dove into reading them with a vengeance. Four days later I was done. So…four books in five days, Jillian…it’s quick, but not amazing…I say it is amazing. I still continued to go to my full time job for 9 hours a day and I did have to sleep. Given the size of the Twilight novels, I’d certainly say it’s quite a feat. The funny thing is, it’s not an unusual feat if your familiar with the history of this Saga’s readers. Many people are as caught up in the story as I am, either that, or all Twilight readers are speed readers who race through four very large novels in a matter of days. I don’t think that’s it.

Another thing I am confused about is why I haven’t read “Host” by Stephanie Meyer. I am quite satisfied with the Twilight Saga (though I do want more). If it’s not about Edward, Bella and the rest of the Cullens, I’m not interested. I am sure I will read it at some point, I just don’t have to right now. I did, however, read the chapters I found online of “Midnight Sun”, the book that we will never get to complete unless Stephanie changes her mind about completing it. I guess I am in a Twilight Saga fog…and I’m not alone with that aspect of this obsession…I mean, this state of dazzle. I forgot, I don’t want to say obsession…I’d rather stay in denial regarding the state of my involvement with Edward and the rest of the characters.

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