Twilight New Moon Musical Theme Score Is Truly The Sounds Of The Undead

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Twilight New Moon Musical Theme Score Is Truly The Sounds Of The Undead

If there is a list of vampire movie that did very well with their musical theme, then I must say that the Twilight New Moon is one of them. So whether you have seen the movie or not, just the thought that it is Alexnadre Desplat who will be composing the musical score should be enough to give you a Goosebumps.
The movie is about the love story of Bella a human being and of Edward a vampire, it is also about the long standing war between the wolf and the vampire clan. So to make the movie more interesting a love triangle between three different species ensued. A vampire, human and wolf all entangles in this vampire cum love story movie. A romantic story made more romantic by a good movie theme song and wonderful orchestra inspired by one of the best composer.
The original twilight movie is a gritty and grungy guitar sounds by Carter Burwell, but now it was totally replaced by a romantic but significant gothic orchestral score piece by Desplat which is unquestionable good by all account. In fact, because of this the New Moon franchise has even more establishes that its theme or musical theme song for the movie is more symphonic and clearly based on emotion.
The combination of piano and strings has created a magnificent performance for a more captivating and heart rendering moments in the movie. Desplat’s score only weakness is the fact that its lengthy passages of volume slowly diminishes, and that the solo piano rendition of the theme “The Meadow” should have been a good addition to the musical score, but was instead included in the film’s album.
Furthermore, those who are into film music collection will find the album lovely and enjoyable to listen, this is of course regardless of the dreadful cover art. In fact, the sound is in the same league with other well-known vampire movie of the past year, the Interview with the Vampire by Goldenthals, Bram Stoker’s Dracula musical score by Kilar’s and the Dracula of 1979 by John Williams. All these score has really shown what a true or what an undead music should sounds.
It is probably the reason why people are calling the movie soundtrack as one of the greatest. Aside from the musical orchestra it also features some of the best artist of the alternative rock and roll music, the likes of Linkin Park, Muse and Paramore. So for the people behind New Moon, you guys surely pick a good play list as all the songs included in the movie surely made for a good single.
So if you found Bella’s heart wrenching moments in the movie really touching and that it somehow make you sad, that is because they have made sure that the movie has a good musical score to make every Bella’s moment truly sad and touching. Overall, the movie is good and so was the movie theme songs and soundtrack. Hence, if you are considering buying the movie soundtracks do not worry it is definitely worth every penny.”>free music video”>”>

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