Twilight Eclipse – Hosting the Ultimate Twilight Party

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Twilight Eclipse – Hosting the Ultimate Twilight Party

With the third film of the Twilight saga building momentum it is likely you may be hosting or helping with some kind of Twilight celebration. The movies themselves are often felt reason enough for a gathering at a friends home, but to make your party more than the ordinary it helps to know more ways to make the event unique and memorable. Party supply stores, on-line resources, and many other resources are available to help you plan and put on the best Twilight party possible.

Whenever you are throwing a party with a movie for its theme you already have several advantages over a typical party. For starters, the movie itself serves as a conversational piece and quotes from it can keep things going if there appears to be a drag in the proceedings. Another advantage, closely related to the first, is that if you are all there at an Eclipse party, the chances are high that you are also a fan and that you probably have something in common with just about everyone there.

Since a get together with the intent to have fun would be classified as a party, the best place to start preparing for your Eclipse party would be with fun party supplies. Remember to that to keep the theme strong and apparent throughout the event it helps to keep it visually in front of everybody. With this in mind look for Twilight supplies that might otherwise be mundane, but that people have to use. Cups, plates, and napkins are an excellent example. Plain and unadorned they fail to evoke much comment, but when they have a favorite character on them they become conversation pieces in and of themselves. However, if you already had a good supply of disposable dinnerware on hand, you might instead invest in a Twilight table runner.

Another great idea for your Eclipse party would be to include lifesize cardboard standups of the characters. If you’re an avid fan you may already have a couple Twilight standups that you could use, and you could also collaborate with your guests in borrowing their standups for the event too. This is especially fun as standups seem to bring more of the party to life than your typical party supply, and they serve as great decorating items as well.

Another fun idea would be to find some online trivia and quizzes both specifically about Eclipse and about the Twilight franchise on the whole. This can be be really fun if you do it as a surprise after watching the films, as it gives everyone a fair refresher and encourages them to be involved on the spot.


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