Twilight Eclipse Clothing and Accessories

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Twilight Eclipse Clothing and Accessories

The Twilight shirts may be coming out soon and everyone is curious as to what the new designs are going to look like. Of course, there are going to be more Bella, Edward, and Jacob clothes.

There can be more wolf pack, Cullen clan, and Volturi shirts as well. However, for the Twilight production there must] be new characters joining in the mix, therefore there could be new Eclipse clothing to reflect these extra cast members. For example, there will be the addition of Seth who is the youngest of the wolf pack. In addition, we must be introduced to Leah, the only female member of the wolf pack. These two influential characters alone warrant new Twilight clothes and designs.

Then there are also events that [can take place in this production that could be placed on Twilight shirts as well. The blossoming of the dreaded love triangle especially, that would be a bonus for everyone on Team Switzerland who simply must pick between the romantic Edward and the hopelessly sweet Jacob. One design that can be awesome is a white t shirt with the snowstorm on the front and then the moment between Bella and Jacob. That is something that the Eclipse fans must want to see, but maybe not so much the Team Edward fans.  Eclipse shirts are going to be hot pieces after the movie is released and it must be beneficial to the company making them to incorporate the new characters and in the end, more clothes would be sold.

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