The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ Soundtrack Set to be Released on June 8

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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ Soundtrack Set to be Released on June 8

Atlantic Records, the music company that earned the exclusive rights of distributing the album, just confirmed that the soundtrack to the “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” film will hit the stores two weeks before the film opens in the US of A on the 30th of June. Though the date is set for the extremely anticipated “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” compilation album, it’s still unknown for keen Twilight Soundtracks Fans who will make the cut.

Some anticipated artists are the “Twilight Saga” phenomenal author Stephenie Meyers’ personal choice, UK rockers, Muse, that while preparing a “love song” for the release, it was ultimately dropped from the choices. Adam Lambert offered a song, saying his song “Suburban Decay” would perfectly fit into the Vampire flick, and could be the perfect tune to further elaborate the love story between Bella and Jacob – hmmm, it seems that he’s on “Team Jacob”. So, too, the Brooklyn, New York, band Care Bears on Fire which is a “Team Bella“, would love to get their song on the list and, of course, Paramore, which appeared on the first soundtrack. These music artists are hoping for a shot, but answers is still as dark as night for an eager fan to know who will make on that elite album.

Whatever Director David Slade is heading this effort and by taking back Alexandra Patsayas as music supervisor, many Twilight Saga fans are hoping that it would surely repeat the feat of the last two “Twilight” soundtracks – the first film and sequel “New Moon” – that both went multi-platinum and earned good impressions in the music world.

So Twilight Fanatics – take hold of your calendar and mark it red on the 8th of June. Whoever will make the cut in the album will surely gain glory.

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