New Moon (Twilight Saga, Book 2)

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New Moon (Twilight Saga, Book 2)

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5 Responses to “New Moon (Twilight Saga, Book 2)”
  1. J. Kang says:

    Review by J. Kang for New Moon (Twilight Saga, Book 2)
    loved this book and the whole series. very addictive. totally deserving of all the hype.

  2. hippie chick says:

    Review by hippie chick for New Moon (Twilight Saga, Book 2)
    Altho this is my least favorite of the twilight saga, i will still put that i like it. 🙂 this one was really gloomy and annoyed me more than the others, but still okay… i think i was just missing my edward, so i was feeling jaded… 🙂

  3. Laura A. Di Tomasso says:

    Review by Laura A. Di Tomasso for New Moon (Twilight Saga, Book 2)
    The book was still a page turner but the third book is my favorite in the series.

  4. MKinz says:

    Review by MKinz for New Moon (Twilight Saga, Book 2)
    This is a fun little series of books. This book was definitely as good as the first book, maybe even a little better.

  5. Blackmaster0711 says:

    Review by Blackmaster0711 for New Moon (Twilight Saga, Book 2)
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