New Moon Merchandise That Twilight Fans Will Love This Christmas

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New Moon Merchandise That Twilight Fans Will Love This Christmas

Let’s face it, New Moon merchandise is everywhere at the moment. In every store and on every website you visit, there is New Moon merchandise staring back at you whether you like glittery vampires or not. While some of us still feel no connection to the Twilight Saga (I’m putting this down to being well outside the target demographic more than anything else), I do have to admit that NECA, always a good barometer of current trends in licensed memorabilia, have outdone themselves this time.

Where the range that was on shelves to commemorate the first Twilight movie was a little paltry, the selection available for New Moon is anything but. The term ‘cornering the market’ springs to mind, and you know what? Good luck to them. I myself am personally not a Twilight fan. I’m not. I understand that it is a massive phenomenon in books, movies and licensed merchandise right now, and that, to be honest, I have to applaud.

It was the same thing with the Harry Potter series. I wasn’t a fan, but I was highly impressed that it go so many kids and teenagers to open a book once in a while, as a great many of those kids would then go on to discover other books and authors that they would love and cherish. As the main Twilight audience begins to grow older, they are moving on to the books of Charlaine Harris, for example. In turn they might well discover the vampire novels of Anne Rice as they go through their teens, and as they leave their teens there are yet more authors to discover that they will love. The Paris Immortal series by S. Roit, the Werecat novels of Rachel Vincent, and any number of other different urban fantasy writers.

It’s somewhat the same with the movies, as once the well has run dry for the Twilight franchise, fans will hopefully move on to a greater appreciation of things like The Lost Boys or The Hunger. It’s already being seen in the TV world in the growing audience for the True Blood series, based on the aforementioned novels by Charlaine Harris.

The New Moon merchandise that is available has been designed to capture that fluctuating market very well, and the results are quite impressive. There are things that fans of all ages can enjoy, like the calendars or posters, and then there are various other great collectibles for younger fans, right up to the serious collector end of the spectrum. It’s a most fascinating thing to watch unfold, and as long as kids and teenagers are being introduced to books, then that’s great.

Andrew is a music journalist and online pop culture blogger. The Twilight Saga is a genuine phenomenon, and you can discover more from the New Moon movie by checking out the New Moon merchandise available.

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