Dazzling Twilight New Moon Party Favors You Can’t Do Without

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Dazzling Twilight New Moon Party Favors You Can’t Do Without

You’d have to agree that Twilight New Moon is the hottest, most talked about saga online today. So, having a party based on this thrilling theme is not a bad idea. Once Stephenie Myer’s Twilight book series was turned into this powerful and dangerous movie, people have been clamoring to grab hold of party favors, clothes, jewelry, and collectible items. Make your friends green with envy as you plan this sensational party with the Cullen family as the center of attraction.

The Twilight New Moon movie unleashed wave of excitement and romantic appeal among viewers. In The Twilight Saga New Moon movie something that happened during Bella’s birthday part made Edward consider the fact that it may just be too dangerous for the two of them to be together. In the end, he walks away from their relationship and she is left broken hearted, forced to pick up the pieces of her shattered heart. As it turns out, her childhood friend Jacob is a shoulder for her to cry on. Jacob is Native American with supernatural secrets of his own.

Twilight fans of the book series and Twilight movie fans are completely engrossed in the story line and how it all ends. By planning your next party with Twilight New Moon in mind, you will definitely be the talk of the town. Twilight online resources are a great place to start for ideas on the right direction for your party. Everything you need to stand out from the crowd can be found by the click of a mouse. With a little elbow grease you’ll discover that the New Moon is backed by original and unique party favors that are sure to make your gathering a big hit.

Take these into careful consideration:

Twilight Place Holders: This is the perfect touch for a sit down affair. Think about this. If you want to match the way Alice Cullen plans a sit down affair with Bella, this is the right way to go. Seating for each of your guests is extremely important to the mood and ambiance of the gathering. The Twilight Saga New Moon themed place holders designating seating for each guest will be a fantastic twist. You’ll find them with limited edition stickers at the base which is definitely a crowd pleaser.

New Moon Key Chains: Consider this practical gift for your guests. What better way for Twilight fans to show off their love of the movie than with a uniquely designed key chain. You can purchase them with Twilight characters embedded on them. Some key chains have dual roles – acting as lip balm as well as normal key chains. Your guests are going to love the creativity of your ideas here.

Twilight New Moon Wine Bottle Stoppers: This is a perfect addition for more mature Twilight fans. Give them the opportunity to show off how much they love the series with the unusual look. Every time they go to open a bottle of wine, they’ll be reminded of the romantic charm of New Moon and how much they enjoy being a part of it.

But that’s not all, far from it. Other party favors for Twilight include letter openers, and even themed candy with pictures of your favorite characters on the wrappers. Hosting a Twilight New Moon party has never been easier or more fun. Simply use the tips listed here and start planning your party. Your guests will thank you for it later!

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