Why are Twilight movies so popular among older women?

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Why are Twilight movies so popular among older women?

Stay at home moms watching Twilight Tube all day…That’s new…Sure, there have always been fanboys, it’s not a new thing at all. But that’s just it… There have been fan…boys…Be it Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5 or your hockey, baseball or football, fans have always been male, and many times teens. So what is it about this little vampire love story that has made grown women fans. These so called Twimoms read the books for the hundredth time and watch the movies twice a week. They live and they breathe everything Twilight. But Why?

Twilight is written by Stephenie Meyer and to be honest it is a little bit Nora Robertsy… Easy romantic reading, that doesn’t really demand all that much from a reader. It’s also that Twilight is a love story. And like all the great lovestories, this young couple, Edward and Bella face obstacles… One very major obstacle is that Edward is…drumroll please…a vampire.

Forbidden love has always been the best kind of love and that rings true to the succes of Twilight also. But is it really so that women nowdays don’t get that buzz from their own lives anymore, and they have to get it from books and movies. Maybe this T-shirt I saw on the street the other day tells it like it is…”Because of Edward, human boys have lost their charm….”

Sad but true, it seems.

There has also been a countermovement against these Twimoms. Facebook groups like “I lost my Wife to Twlight” have been opened and many men find it a real problem that their wifes are, with lack of a better word, addicted to Twilight.

But I think we shouldn’t go so hard at these Twimoms, let’s just be happy that they’ve found something to rave about. And let us men just remember this when the football/basketball/hockey season starts…When the wife starts nagging, just say to her: “Why don’t just read that Twilight book once more?”

Twilight pretty much stole my wife, but i got her back… But still if you like Twilight check out this Twilight Quiz to see if you really do know your Twilight.


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