What Is Going On With The Edward Cullen And Twilight Phenomenon?

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What Is Going On With The Edward Cullen And Twilight Phenomenon?

Chances are you have either read the Twilight series, you have the Twilight series memorized or you surely know someone close to you who has.

Many of you haven’t read the series because you’re usually in front of a craze like this and are ashamed to admit you didn’t read the series when Stephenie Meyer first wrote it in 2005 or maybe you haven’t read the Twilight series because it is kind of like being unique, like not having a tattoo or not being on Facebook.

The Twilight series is one of the bar none’s best literary series since C.S. Lewis Chronicles of Narnia, and is up there tied with Harry Potter, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

How can that be said about Twilight and how in the world can it be compared to literary greats such as Narnia? Meyer’s Twilight series of four books; Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn has somehow managed to break down age barriers as well as the gender wall.

Girls, women and even men between the ages of ten and 100 are reading and becoming obsessed with Meyer’s romantic fantasy world that I like to call “Dawson’s Creek with Vampires”.

At the center of the fantasy world is Edward Cullen, the romantic, chivalric and handsome immortal man who is always saving the day. Yes, I agree Robert Pattinson played the part well and yes he had my 34 year-old knees shaking and I occasionally think about him while sleeping however the fictionalized character in the series is what has women across the globe swooning and comparing their significant others to Edward Cullen.

It’s reminiscent of the New Kids on the Block craze back in the early 1990s. It’s also reminiscent of the current Jonas Brother’s craze. Women everywhere are dreaming about this romantic and sexy vampire who manages to save his true love Bella, numerous times.

Edward was technically born in 1901. He technically ‘died’ at age 17 in 1918 however this is just when he became immortal. Therefore, he lived through the entire twentieth century soaking in the music, culture, literature and chivalry like a sponge.

He is a pure gentleman as he opens doors, gently kisses and caresses Bella, and they don’t even have sexual relations until readers are well into the Twilight series. When they do finally make love, Edward is as gentle and as caring as any woman would dream their partner to be. He is always concerned for Bella, he listens to Debussy and he can quote Shakespeare. Does it get more romantic than this?

Edward has famous quotations in the series which are quite possibly the most romantic things ever said to a woman in this century. Edward tells Bella “You are my heart now.” My favorite line from the movie is “You are like my own personal brand of heroin.” He also tells Bella from his heart that he has been looking for her for a long time. He says “And so the lion fell in love with the lamb….” This is his romantic and gentlemanly way of professing his love for her.

I was not happy with Edward’s character when he left her broken-heart in the woods in the beginning of the second book, New Moon. In fact, I cried and I don’t think I have sobbed that hard since my last break-up.

Edward leaves Bella because he just loves her that much he would rather suffer in heartbreak the rest of his life than further endanger her life. Don’t worry; they reunite and Twilight fans just accept the fact that you won’t like New Moon nearly as well as the other three books in the series.

The break-up is where the “Team Edward” versus “Team Jacob” controversy comes from. In her extremely unbearable heartbreak which nearly kills her, Bella turns to best friend – and werewolf – Jacob.

It is my opinion that the “Team Jacob” people cannot see that Edward left her out of love and he wanted his soul mate to be safe. I understand the “Team Jacob” people were so indebted to Jacob for ‘saving her life’ as she seriously nearly died of a broken heart.

Regardless of if you are Team Jacob or Team Edward you will learn to accept the fact that while Edward and Bella are truly soul mates, apparently so are their daughter, Renesmee and Jacob.

There are three specific parts in the first book, Twilight, that stick out in any woman’s mind as being the moments she fell in love with and then even more in love with, Edward Cullen.

Women are so prone to falling in love with the ‘Knight in Shining Armor’ and that is exactly what Edward Cullen’s character delivers. We women fantasize about being rescued from these situations and Edward makes it a reality. Well, a fictional reality.

Edward saves Bella from being completely crushed by a mini-van in the beginning of the series. He uses his speed to get from one end of the parking lot to the other, where Bella is and uses his immense strength to stop the mini-van from crushing her into her own vehicle. She is completely unharmed and does not have a scratch on her.

Meyer’s describes the adrenaline and the sexual chemistry that is going between the two during this scene and it takes everything we have to not start naming our first child Edward.

In another scene, Bella Swan is walking in a dark and unlit area in an unknown town. Some drunken guys are harassing her and the situation actually gets quite tense. There is a feeling that Bella is in real danger and could be assaulted or even raped. Suddenly out of nowhere Edward comes flying out of the darkness to save the day.

Bella is safely in his car within seconds and Edward gives the guys a visual warning that the reader can only pretend to comprehend the fear going through their veins.

Finally, the ballet-studio scene is the most romantic in such a sick way. Edward saves Bella from James, the bad vampire who is tracking her to kill her. Edward saves her once by getting James away from her and aiding in the killing of James, and saves Bella again when he goes against absolutely every instinct he has and sucks the venom from her blood without killing her.

To women and men everywhere, from ages ten to 100, Edward Cullen is the Romeo of the twenty-first century, without a doubt.

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