Understanding the Hidden Meanings in the Twilight Book Set

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Understanding the Hidden Meanings in the Twilight Book Set

Vampires have often been used as symbols of power and nobility. The Twilight Book Set brings up many of the symbols of the vampire. From that of a vicious animal, to a being close to humanity but with a hunger that causes an uneasy relationship. Behind the pop surface of the Twilight Series is a deeper meaning, both of romance and a social critique of our society. Vampires are the rulers of humans, though they must remain hidden to hold on to their power.  This has only added to their mystique in every tale told about them. The Twilight Book Set is no different, it’s greatness comes from it’s ability to execute the themes of romance and mystery so well. This explains it’s wide popularity and demand.

Werewolves on the other hand, are used as an example of the underclass. The rough and tumble, “Strong survive” type of society. Physical prowess is much more respected than cunning.  In the middle of all of this are thr humans, generally oblivious except when they are exposed to the harsh dynamic of competition, or used as food.


In the Twilight Book Set Bella Swan is forced to make a choice, between two men and two lifestyles. Whether to stick with her former lover Edward Cullen, or develop her friendship with Jacob Black. In Edward we find a man who never needs to eat or sleep, someone who can be by Bella’s side always. He will always stay young, always youthful and strong. A protector and lover for the rest of her life. This creates the draw of the vampire Edward. And of course many actions scenes are intertwined with the plot, so it gives something to all types of people who read the book. This creates a very engaging dynamic, and it’s no wonder why the series has won so many awards. With it’s popularity at it’s height, it’s a great gift for many people.

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