Two By Twilight: Run From Twilight\Twilight Vows (Twilight Series Book 9)

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Two By Twilight: Run From Twilight\Twilight Vows (Twilight Series Book 9)

Two By Twilight Join bestselling author Maggie Shayne as she leads you into a world filled with dark desire, the world of Wings in the Night. In a world of shadows and moonlight, no one is really what they seem . . . Enjoy this brand-new story!
“Run from Twilight” A serial killer who strikes by the light of the full moon has made Mary McLean his next target. She knows she should be cautious, but she can’t stay away from Michael Gray, a mysterious man with an unearthly secret. B

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5 Responses to “Two By Twilight: Run From Twilight\Twilight Vows (Twilight Series Book 9)”
  1. Dr W. Richards says:

    Review by Dr W. Richards for Two By Twilight: Run From TwilightTwilight Vows (Twilight Series Book 9)
    Read Maggie Shayne’s Wings in the Night trilogy? Want to hear more about her vampire heroes? Well, this book does offer the opportunity – at least, in part. But it falls far short of the original Wings in the Night stories and of the initial follow-up volume, At Twilight.In this collection, we have a new novella, Run from Twilight, and another reissue, Twilight Vows. In Run from Twilight, Mary is being targetted by a serial killer. Michael Grey appears from nowhere, it seems, and he claims that he’s protecting Mary – but is he the killer? Michael is a vampire who was mortally wounded at the height of Al Capone’s `reign’ in Chicago, but he was transformed at the point of death by Cuyler Jade of Beyond Twilight. The most melodramatic point of this book is when Michael’s wife, Sally, shoots herself in front of him, apparently unable to reconcile herself either to his death or to his `resurrection’ as a vampire. The Michael and Mary story certainly has its moments, and it was intriguing to see that the investigation organisation Mary contacts is run by Maxine, Lou and Stormy, the more likeable characters from Twilight Hunger. Disappointingly, still Shayne hasn’t furthered the romantic plot regarding Lou and Maxine. Anyway, I was enjoying Michael and Mary’s story until suddenly – WHAM – it was over, at a point where I was expecting at least 20 more pages to finish the romance and the general storyline in a more satisfying manner.Twilight Vows, the reissue, is set in Ireland – and it’s advisable to read this *before* reading Twilight Hunger, given the major spoiler in Hunger which affects this novella. Rachel Sullivan has been fascinated all her life by the legend of the two vampires who once lived in the castle. However, she never expected that one of them, at least, was still alive. So when Donovan O’Roark walks into her pub, she is astounded. Even then, though, she takes him for a descendant of the original Donovan – until, after she follows him to the castle and wangles herself an invitation to stay the night, she discovers the truth: he really is a vampire.Like most American authors writing Irish characters, Shayne wildly exaggerates Irish speech rhythms and dialect; as an Irish person I felt embarrassed reading it. No-one says `Lord `a mercy’; the expression is `Lord have mercy’. Many of her other faintly-phonetic renderings fall short of the mark. And I wonder who advised her on Irish names? Donovan is never, in Ireland at any rate, used as a first name; it is a surname. And Donovan’s surname is properly spelt O’Roarke. Again, as with Run from Twilight, this novella was over-short. Donovan went from denying that Rachel meant anything to him to realising that he loved her in far too short a time, and we saw nothing about his own feeling about her in years gone by, given that he’d watched over her since her childhood. Shayne did this much better with regard to Eric and Tamsin in Wings in the Night. Again, the story needed another 20 pages or so at the end to finish it properly, too. Overall, this collection needed at least another 50 pages to be worthwhile. The stories in Wings in the Night worked because they were long enough to cover what needed to be covered; the romances were satisfying, and we also saw more of the characters in later books, which equally helped to round off the stories. These novellas, as well as being too short, gave us far too little of characters from earlier books (nothing at all in Twilight Vows), so that hook wasn’t present either.A very disappointing sequel, just as Shayne’s Twilight Hunger, her first novel-length story – was disappointing. I just hope that her latest offering, Embrace the Twilight – another novel-length story, is better!wmr-uk

  2. jinxednokla says:

    Review by jinxednokla for Two By Twilight: Run From TwilightTwilight Vows (Twilight Series Book 9)
    I really enjoy the vampire series that Maggie Shayne has created. These 2 stories however, seemed lacking to me. I enjoyed them because they are part of the series and she occasionally brings the characters back in different books. But out of the whole series, I liked this one the least.
    As always though, Maggie Shayne is a gifted author that brings a unique story.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Review by for Two By Twilight: Run From TwilightTwilight Vows (Twilight Series Book 9)
    I really loved this book because it was very page turning for me. It had everything that I like to read. Mystery, murders, and very passionate. I feel that as I read the book, I can imagine myself living the story. When I read the second story I realized that I started reading with an Irish accent. The first story gave me chills as I read the decriptions of how Micheal was looking at Mary, and the description of how people died. I found that I couldn’t put the book down. Even though very short books every page made me imagine more than I probably should have.

  4. G. Mcclenon says:

    Review by G. Mcclenon for Two By Twilight: Run From TwilightTwilight Vows (Twilight Series Book 9)
    The first book I read by this author was Blue Twilight…it had me wanting more. I looked through Amazon to find ANY of her books and was very surprised to see such an extended list.

    I have been trying for over a year to find her books, of which there is a series, and have been disappointed several times. But, when Amazon finally was able to offer her books and had them available, I purchased as many as I could.

    Two by Twilight is an excellent read. But, anyone who wants to get the whole story must be able to start with the first in the series to find out who belongs and who doesn’t.

    Please, if you like fiction which will keep you at the edge of your seat, get the Maggie Shayne Twilight series and enjoy!!

  5. Nicole Wagner says:

    Review by Nicole Wagner for Two By Twilight: Run From TwilightTwilight Vows (Twilight Series Book 9)
    This book is good but unnecessary for the progression of the series. These characters don’t really reoccur in the rest of the series –with the exception of Donovan in the book Edge of Twilight (and that is just a bit part you don’t need to read this book to understand it). These stories are good just for the enjoyment of the vampire series but the only story I liked is the first one. I can’t ever seem to get through the second.

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