Twilight Party Ideas For Halloween, Birthday and Movie Parties

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Twilight Party Ideas For Halloween, Birthday and Movie Parties

Edward Cullen and the rest of the vampires in the Cullen Family along with Bella Swan have created quite a “Twilight Storm” across the country…in fact in many countries around the world.  Twilight has even created a new party theme of the same name.  Twilight party ideas are hot!  Whether it’s for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, or Halloween…a Twilight party is the way to go.

The Stephanie Meyer’s books have created quite a stir around Forks, Washington and the rest of the world.  With over 40 million books sold in 40 countries Twilight is the Tween/Teen hit of the year.  The second book in the Twilight Saga…New Moon…is going to be filmed this year and is due for a Nov. 2009 release date.  This should keep the momentum moving right along at a brisk pace.

The cast of the New Moon Movie is still not decided and all us Twihards wait with breathless anticipation to see who else will join Dakota Fanning, who was cast as the Volturi Vampire, Jane.  Noor Seear has been cast as Heidi and Caius will be played by Jamie Campbell-Bower.   Several of the Werewolves have been cast too.  The Quileute Wolf Pack will be played in part by Chaske Spencer, Bronson Pelletier, Alex Meraz, Kiowa Gordon and Tyson Houseman.  

With the release of the Twilight DVD a couple months ago, our Twi-obssession was sated for awhile…but once again,we need our Twilight fix, and right now, there’s not much to keep us in good supply other than the casting leaks from New Moon.

Look for a rush of Twilight movie parties in the near future, along with Trivia games and then come October look again for the Twilight  Halloween Party Ideas to rear their  little heads again.  This is a great Halloween party theme since it has both Werewolves and Vampires, both good and bad…two of our favorite Halloween monster types! 

The Twilight Saga has everything we mere humans get passionate about…The Undead, The bad Undead vs. The good Undead.  The sensitive undead…the forbidden unstoppable romance between the undead and the living…there’s even a love triangle!  Take all the battles from within the star struck teen lovers to the outside influences that shape their daily lives…and you’ve got a hit on your hands.  It’s a phenomena that isn’t often seen, and when it is, you’ve got to stop and appreciate it.

The amount of web sites that have sprung up to shower kudos on Twilight is uncountable.  There are forums, reviews and even cake decorating ideas for this topic.
 Even if you don’t understand what the big deal is, you have to admit that author Stephanie Meyer has started something.  We all just have to wait now and see where it ends.  If it ends.  And I, like every other Obsessed Twilight Fan, hopes it never does!

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