Twilight: Learning to Overcome Personal Weakness

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Twilight: Learning to Overcome Personal Weakness

I admit it! I used to be one of those crazed Edward Cullen fans who, when reading the book Twilight for the first time, actually dreamed of the fictional character on more than one occasion – and I’m a happily married woman! For those of you gagging, good news. I’m well over it. However, in addition to being a ridiculously addictive romance novel, the Twilight story can actually teaches a critical lesson about working through and overcoming personal weakness.

There seems to have been a turn of events in the last century that has caused an unusual paradigm shift in our expectations for ourselves and others. I think it’s fair to say that there was once a time when society encouraged individuals to be the best they could be. Having integrity, working hard, and displaying selflessness were admirable qualities and striving for such was generally expected and celebrated. However, it seems now that rather than striving for our best, we are simply contenting ourselves in “natural” and flawed character, regardless of the fact that what we naturally are may be to our personal detriment – or even harmful to society. In short, we’ve strayed from the “be all that you can be” mentality and replaced it with “just be yourself.” I’m not suggesting that being yourself is always bad. What I am suggesting is that rather than striving to become better and working through personal weaknesses, we are embracing our shortcomings – a choice that only leads to personal and professional mediocrity at best and hinders us from experiencing true joy and success in our lives.

So what does this have to do with Twilight? Those of you who have read the book know that Edward, along with his other vampire family members, choose to become “vegi vampires” having learned to control their appetite for human blood and subsisting only on the blood of animals. When Bella comes along with her potent, drug-like blood, though Edward struggles inside of himself with the overwhelming desire to kill and feast on her, he learns to control his strong urges and soon finds the love of his life in Bella. By sheer will, he was able to make something that was once a weakness, a strength.

While this story may be fictional, the principle is universally true. We all have weaknesses and urges that we may be genetically pre-disposed to or have adopted over time. The truth is, we aren’t doing ourselves or those we love any favors when we simply choose to give into those weaknesses. Unlike animals, we have the willpower and ability to make a choice; the choice to change and to become our best selves. Regardless of what you may have been told, weaknesses don’t have to be a permanent part of your character. You CAN change if you so wish.

I challenge you to make your weak things strong. A simple desire to change will suffice. Then make a plan, take daily action on that plan, and realize your ability to become all that you were meant to be.

Tara has been in the business of teaching, training, and coaching for over 5 years and is a Mission Ignition Certified Coach. She recently started her own Success Coaching business called Joy Quest Coaching.

She has an extensive background in instructing children, teenagers, and adults in a variety of subjects and settings. Before graduating from Utah State University with a Bachelors degree in Family, Consumer, Human Development – Tara spent time abroad teaching English in Xi’an, China and in England as a religious volunteer. Post graduation, she was employed with the Utah Youth Village where she taught at-risk families life skills as a Families First Specialist.

Besides her keen interest in helping people, Tara enjoys traveling, singing, public speaking, reading, and most recently writing. She hopes to publish a work of fiction in the coming year.

Tara has been married to her best friend, Luke, for almost 4 years and together they have an adorable baby boy.

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