Twilight Halloween Costume

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Twilight Halloween Costume

Twilight Halloween costumes are already well-liked for years now, and the recognition is only growing thanks to the recent release of Twilight Eclipse! Twilight will be the classic vampire story, set in a small town in modern USA, where a regular girl meets a vampire and their lives change forever. By the time we reach the Eclipse story, you will find plenty of characters to select from.

Twilight Costumes: Bella

Bella Swan is the human that quickly found herself caught up within the vampire world. She’s the girl that most teens dream of being, dating the handsome Edward Cullen (a “good” vampire). She isn’t (to start with) a vampire herself, so costume ideas need to become just a little much more creative if you would like to go dressed as this character.

Make certain you can recreate her lengthy brown hair with a wig if it is not your natural style, and perhaps opt for some brown contact lenses. As for clothing, you should generally stick to dark colors, or you could go for the remarkable blue prom dress that she wears within the books and in the film.

Twilight Edward Costume

For guys, one of the most well-liked options is the Twilight Edward Costume. The handsome vegetarian vampire is frozen at the age of seventeen, which means he could be seen wearing the type of clothes that regular teenagers would wear. Some of his distinctive features consist of extremely pale skin, golden eyes after feeding, and the fact that he’s drawn to Bella’s blood! To get the hair proper, you might go for the Love At Initial Bite Adult Wig to recreate that bronze color.

Other Twilight Vampire Costumes

If you want true Twilight vampire costumes then it’s important to remember that they do not have the classic vampire fangs – so do not purchase them! Instead, make certain you get the pale skin right, and get the proper wigs to match the vampires’ within the film.

Twilight Werewolf Costumes

Of course, dressing as a vampire is not the only choice if you’re using a Twilight theme. Werewolves are just as popular, and supply even more scope for discovering probably the most original costume idea out there.

The Twilight wolves are definitely not werewolves within the traditional sense, rather shape shifters who take the form of wolves. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use some traditional werewolf costumes and masks to complete the look for a Twilight Halloween party. The Howl-O-Ween Adult Mask will make sure your face looks right which you can combine with wolf hands and a furry outfit!
Picking the greatest Twilight Halloween Costume

Whatever character or Twilight Halloween Costume you select, you’ll have to be a little more inventive if you want a Twilight Halloween costume: they aren’t obtainable as full officially licensed sets. However, there’s no doubt that several with the Twilight Halloween costume are still going to become some of the most popular this year.

Searching for the ideal Twilight Halloween Costume?

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