Twilight Costumes are Hot This Year!

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Twilight Costumes are Hot This Year!


Vampire costumes have been around for decades.  But never have they been as sophisticated, beautiful and true to character as are the costumes based on the characters in the Twilight movie trilogy.


For decades, young men have cornered the vampire market with their slicked back hair,  fangs, white painted faces and drops of blood drawn around their mouths in order to portray Dracula.  Though vampires have been considered very sexy, traditionally, dressing in a vampire costume was only for the guys.  Thankfully, a new day has come with the popularity of Twilight and the availability of Twilight costumes!


Thanks to Twilight, female vampires are now as popular as the male vampires.  The women now have Twilight costumes that will help them bring their favorite character to life…sort of.  With vampire dresses and cloaks available for the ladies, you can bring your favorite Twilight costumed character to the party.


Are you the stern Volturi Jane or do you identify more with Alice Cullen?  Maybe you’d like to be the bad girl Victoria for an evening.  Or is it the kind and forgiving Esme that you’d like to emulate?  Whatever Twilight persona you choose for this Halloween, our comfortable female vampire Twilight costumes will help you to feel and play the role that you choose.


Not only do we have ladies Twilight costumes, but we have Twilight vampire costumes for the guys.  Who says that the ladies have all of the best costumes?  Check out our selection of male vampire Twilight costumes to show off your sexy look!  You can also buy a wig to help you really resemble your vampire hero, Edward.  After all, you know how long you waited for her!


Of course, a Twilight costume is much more than vampire costumes.  Just in case the woman of your dreams is team Jacob, we have the complete werewolf Twilight costume, wig and fangs to make you the date of her dreams!


They are designed to be comfortable enough to be worn all day so that you can easily keep smiling all night to reveal your fangs.  Actually, you don’t have to wait until Halloween to celebrate your favorite characters.  You can wear the costumes for to celebrate every full moon.


If you want to plan Full Moon Twilight costume parties, these are the remaining 2010 full moon dates: August 24, September 23, October 23, November 21 and December 21.  All of them are a reason to celebrate; just remember to be dressed to kill!













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IMPORTANT: Please stop leaving comments saying “You Forgot Esme” I DIDN’T forget Esme, I just couldn’t think of a funny song for her. Besides, it doesn’t matter ,she’s the least important Cullen. My choice for funny Twilight Character Theme songs, hope you all like them. Please comment! PS The last song is called “Trust Me (I’m a Doctor)” from an Irish band called the Blizzards, they’re really really good!
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