The Unofficial Twilight Trivia Book

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The Unofficial Twilight Trivia Book

Greetings from Forks, Washington where the weather is always rainy and cold. This is the home of police Chief Charlie Swan and his beautiful daughter Bella. Forks is a mysterious place, where magic and mystery abound. The Unofficial Twilight Trivia book is a one-of-a-kind gem filled with 101 Random Bits and Pieces of The Twilight Saga, Planes, Trains, and Twilight Mobiles, The cullen Confidential, and Easy Twilight Trivia Questions. Explore the world’s Number 1 vampire, human love story.

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3 Responses to “The Unofficial Twilight Trivia Book”
  1. M. Berdan says:

    Review by M. Berdan for The Unofficial Twilight Trivia Book
    I wish I had read the reviews before I purchased this book to my kindle. First, there are so many blank pages to get to the content and in between “chapters”. Second, where did the author get her info? There were so many errors I was astonished! Anyone who has read the beloved series would spot the errors with little effort. No where in the books did it ever say Bella is Italian. Edwards parents died in 1918 not 1917. Jasper and Rosalie are not twins, they only pretend to be. And Edward never dated Tanya or anyone else before Bella. Just to mention a few. This author should go back to the beginning and start over, check her facts and see if she could gleen any information we already don’t know and try to give us fresh trivia to think about. Maybe she should have consulted with Stephenie Meyer for correct facts and then wrote her “unofficial trivia” book. This one is definitely not worth the money. Don’t waste either your money or your time on this one. Such a disappointment!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Review by for The Unofficial Twilight Trivia Book
    I was VERY upset when i came to find that this “trivia” book not only had wrong info., but didnt offer much as far as anything that i already knew. And i really didnt care to know the date of the MTV awards… what does that have to d w/ Twilight?? Please dont waste your money on this.

  3. Winston Wu says:

    Review by Winston Wu for The Unofficial Twilight Trivia Book
    Are you kidding me,this “trivia book” as you call it is just lame.the book has nothing to do with the twilight saga books or movies.its just mostly blank pages. what are you trying to pull here gina?NO ONE LIKES YOUR BOOKS.and I dont believe your last name is meyers.

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