The Twilight Watch (Watch, Book 3) Reviews

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The Twilight Watch (Watch, Book 3)

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Night Watch and Day Watch, the first two books in this remarkable series, established Sergei Lukyanenko as a breathtakingly bold talent. Part fantasy, part vampire story, and part detective potboiler, this is the most successful science fiction series of all time in Russia and a true international sensation. In America, Fox Searchlight released the film adaptation of Night Watch to rapturous reviews, and adaptations of the next two books are in production. The world of Lukyanenko is as elabor

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5 Responses to “The Twilight Watch (Watch, Book 3) Reviews”
  1. Anastasia says:

    Review by Anastasia for The Twilight Watch (Watch, Book 3)
    “Twilight Watch” (same as “Dusk Watch”) is the 3rd book in the Night Watch trilogy-now-tetralogy. It opens with a mystery: the Night Watch, the Day Watch, and the neutral-overseer Inquisition all receive anonymous notes that a way has been found to turn normal humans into Others. Yet this wasn’t supposed to be possible! The danger represented by the information would turn the world upside down.

    In the 2nd half, Anton, while vacationing in the country, come across a strange, powerful witch living in the woods, hiding from something…

    In this book, Lukyanenko keeps up the excellence of his writing, characterization, and excitement, and the moral quandry is as present as ever. The line between the Light and the Dark gets finer still. There is more exploration of the “science” behind magic and a look into the past that I really enjoyed.

    This book is definitely faster-paced than “Day Watch,” with many exciting and shocking twists and turns, and a stunning conclusion.

  2. K. Sozaeva says:

    Review by K. Sozaeva for The Twilight Watch (Watch, Book 3)
    This follow-up to the (also amazing) Russian magical reality books Night Watch and Day Watch returns us to Anton’s mind and to Anton’s relationships with those around him. Focusing on interactions with the mysterious Inquisitors, this book takes Anton further along in his path to understanding that there really is very little difference between Light and Dark and that the shades of Grey they all walk in are probably more suited to all Others than being separated like this.

    In the first of the three “books” that are traditionally found in each of these novels, Anton has to go “undercover” into a community of humans to try to discover who, if anyone, has been told about the Others. Not only is it dangerous for the Others to be revealed, but whomever revealed the Others to this human has also promised to turn this human into an Other him or herself, which is – according to all but the most forbidden of legends – impossible.

    In the second “book,” Anton runs across an unregistered and VERY powerful witch as well as several werewolves who were apparently hunting humans while on vacation in his dacha (country house) and has to try to take care of these problems with the help of Svetlana.

    In the third “book,” a powerful vampire and member of the Inquisition has been murdered and a book thought to be the stuff of legends, that will allow Others to turn humans into Others themselves, has been stolen from the house of the witch Arina. Anton, with the help of the vampire Kostya and the Inquisitor Edgar, has to try to find the culprit and the book.

    Lukyanenko has created a vivid world in modern-day Russia. He shows us the despair with which many modern Russians live while they try to adapt to a capitalistic society, a method of life that is completely foreign to everything they’ve ever known before. Through this is shown the plotting of the Watches and Inquisition and the Others, using the humans often as pawns and foils in their games for glory. It is an often bleak outlook (to me). My husband, on the other hand, found the book to have a lot of humor in it – he says there are a lot of instances of outright slapstick. So I guess it is all in how you look at it – there is a situation where Anton has an old out-of-work drunk work on a BMW. He brings in several friends and they completely take apart the car. They get so involved in it that they even forget to get drunk. Me, I found that sad. My husband thought it was hysterical.

    At any rate, do NOT miss this amazing series of books. You will not be sorry for reading them.

  3. J. B Kraft says:

    Review by J. B Kraft for The Twilight Watch (Watch, Book 3)
    You could start the series with this book, but I strongly recommend this wonderful trilogy in order. While the story is not as rigorously linear in plot, as for example, The Lord of the Rings, your understanding and appreciation of the series will be enhanced by reading them in order.

    CAUTION: If you order the trilogy together, you may be at extreme risk of sleep deprivation.

    The book really rips along, and the author uses the action to disclose new information about the basic laws and types of creatures of magic, so that we continue to be drawn in.

    He draws an admirable balance between keeping you off-balance–guessing about what will happen next and pacing his revelation of critical details. It’s very suspensful, and it resulted in another sleep deprevation experience.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Review by for The Twilight Watch (Watch, Book 3)
    Walking the streests of Moscow, indistinguishable from the rest of its population, are the Others. Posesseors of supernatural powers and capable of entering the Twilifht, a shadowy world that exits in parallel to our own, each owes allegiance either to the Dark or the Light.

    As his wife Svetlana and daughter Nadya spend the last of the summer on a dacha not far from Moscow, Night Watch AgentAnton Gorodetsky is thrying to enjoy his last day off. But when a call comes in from Gesar – his boss and Night Watch head – requesting a private meeting, it becomes clear he’s going back to work early…

    Gesar has received an anonymous note, stating that an Other has revealed the full truth about their kind to a human, and now intends to do the supposedly impossible: comvert that human into an Other. Even nore worringly. tje not has been sent to Zabulon, head of the Day Watch, and to the Inquisition’s offices – and only the very highest-level Others know the address. So the Inquistion has ordered the Night Watch to cooperate withthe Day Watch and umnask the culprit. Anton will be the Night Watch representative while the Day Watch is sending Kostya Saushkin, once Anton’s teenage neighbour and idealistic friend, now a Higher Vampire and, at the age of twenty, the youngest in Europe…

    Set in a vividly realised post-Soviest Moscow, where vampires operate under license and Good and Evil exist in a Cold War-like balance of power, THE TWILIGHT WATCH is a page-turning fantasy thriller in the allegorical, darkly comic tradition of Bulgakov’s THE MASTER AND MAGARITA, an international bestseller as strikingly original as Anne Rice or Phillip Pullman.

  5. Justin says:

    Review by Justin for The Twilight Watch (Watch, Book 3)
    Sergei Lukyanenko outdid himself with this third book in the series. All three stories in this book are excellent. For new readers, be sure you’ve read Night Watch and Day Watch before getting into this one. After finishing the book, I emailed the publisher to find out when Last Watch (sometimes titled Final Watch in fan forums) will be translated to English. They tell me the release will be sometime in 2008. Can’t wait!

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