The Twilight Collection By Stephenie Meyer

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The Twilight Collection By Stephenie Meyer

The recent sensation that has gripped book readers is a series of novels by the writer Stephenie Meyer. She is an American that has been compared to the British writer JK Rowling due to the phenomenal success of her books. Her writing has been so well received that these have now been made into movies which have also done extremely well and has introduced people to the world of vampires and other mystical creatures.

The Twilight book collection comprises of four separate novels that follow the lives of two specific characters. Each book gets larger and longer to read than the previous one and each one has a full on action sequence that will keep you reading until the very last page so that you can find out the outcome without delay.

The names of the books in the Twilight Saga are as follows:

New Moon
Breaking Dawn

If you have never thought of reading a fantasy novel before, these books would be a great introduction to the whole genre. The basic underlying story in each book is about the relationship between a mortal young girl and an immortal young boy. The first book starts the story with these two individuals meeting at high school. We get to learn about their families and their backgrounds.

The names of the main characters of these books are Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen. In each book, we find out more and more about their lives and the trials and tribulations that they face due to their unconventional relationship and all the daily challenges that they have to deal with due to the fact that she is a human and he is a vampire.

These books are available to buy individually but you can now purchase a lovely Twilight box set. This is a presentation package that includes all the books and additional artwork that have been produced in postcard size. This would make a great gift idea of any special occasion.

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