The Twilight Book Series – Reasons To Read The Twilight Collection

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The Twilight Book Series – Reasons To Read The Twilight Collection

If you are a great lover of mysterious and fantasy literature, you ought to get your hands on the Twilight book collection. This particular collection contains 4 books published by Stephenie Meyer, 3 of which have been adapted into films and also DVDs.

The books that make up the complete series have titles that are short and sweet. Each title makes sense once you start reading the books and learn more about the stories. They are called:


New Moon


Breaking Dawn

Now these four different novels follow the lives of two particular people. They are young teenagers. Their names are Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. There are many other characters in the books but these two are the primary people in the stories.

We are briefly introduced to them and then told how they initially met, the way they are attracted to one another as well as all the factors that make this romance distinctly different compared to the sort of relationships that other people have.

The style associated with these sorts of books is usually known as Gothic fantasy. These novels could therefore be described as an epic Gothic love story mainly because we find out that Edward Cullen is really a vampire and that he will never get older than his teenage years. Actually, he should not be so attracted to the young Bella because she is human. As a vampire she should really be seen as his enemy or at least as his prey. However we soon discover that Edward belongs to a family who do not feed on the blood of humans in order to survive. This adds another interesting twist to the tale.

If you are interested in reading something that is a little more than a simple love story, or if you are looking for an interesting gift idea then the Twilight collection of books would be a very good buy. You can get a great bargain if you shop online. You can also purchase the film versions of two of the books. These are Twilight the movie and the New Moon film.

Find out more about the Twilight Collection of books. If you enjoy the films you can now buy the Retrieved from “

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