The Delicate “Broken-heart” Shaped Necklace with Images of Lamb & lion ? One Replica from Twilight

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The Delicate “Broken-heart” Shaped Necklace with Images of Lamb & lion ? One Replica from Twilight

Have you seen the Twiligth series of  moives?

Are you ever moved by the romatic love stories of  Edward and Bela?

Do you pay attention to the necklace presenting in the moive, which is a indicator of  pure and unconditional love?

Of course, most people would say “Yes”

Here, we will introduce one of the most stylish necklaces  in this moive,  a replica of  “Lamb & Lion  Broken  Heart Necklace”  to all the  Twilight fans.

Twilight Movie Lion & Lamb Broken Heart Necklace

This delicate, heart-shaped necklace is devided into two pieces.  The left one with a image of a lion, says: ” And so the Lion Fell”; The right one with a image of a lamb, says: ” in Love with the Lamb”. Obviously, this special-designed  necklace is a symble of  ture love for Edward and Bela. They are completely into each other regardless of this different birth, backround, and race. When bela discovered that Edward is a vampire, she  is not scared off. Actually, she drives off all the fears in her heart, and boldly shows  her love to Edward. In the same way,  in spite of the disapproval of  Cullen Family, Edward insists  on loving with Bela forever. What a romatic love experience!

I dare say, most  fans of Twilight movies are eager to have this kind of  unforgetful relationship. Why not get this  “Lamb & Lion  Broken  Heart Necklace” as a collection  in honor of  the beautiful  love of Eward and Bela? If you have already found your right person in your life, you could buy this necklace and give the other piece to the one you loved with. So, with the piece on your neck, people around you would know that you are in love with happiness. If you have not, you are also surposed  to get one. I believe, this twilight jewelry necklace, representing pure love , will bless you and guide you to find your ture love in your life.

Apart from what I metioned above, “Lamb & Lion  Broken  Heart Necklace” is 100%  brand new with high quality, 24 inch long with Lobster clasp and Base metal. It is wearable, durable, and fashionable. Putting this on your neck makes you a top fashion person. So, what are you waiting for ? Go ahead, and get one!

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