The Atmosphere of the Twilight Books and Movies Echoed in Jewelry

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The Atmosphere of the Twilight Books and Movies Echoed in Jewelry

Ever hear rustling sounds outside your window at night, but when you shine a light nothing is there? Or odd noises down the hallway? There are strange creatures about, particularly in the world of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series of novels and the movies on which they are based.  In Forks, Bella soon discovers the existence of vampires and werewolves and falls in love with a certain handsome and gentlemanly vampire named Edward. As a twist, Bella finds herself in romantic entanglement with the werewolf Jacob, also conveniently ruggedly handsome in human form. The story evolves as Bella learns much more about the fascinating and frightening ways of vampires and werewolves.   

The signs and symbols of Twilight are strong reminders of the narrative’s power.  Bella’s moonstone ring echoes the timeless “life” of the vampire and her engagement ring is reminiscent of the sparkling skin of Edward in the sunshine.  Wolf rings evoke the strength and speed of Jacob and the other werewolves.  Or admire a wolf necklace or a charm of a running or howling wolf.  Wear twilight charms depicting Isle Esme, where Bella and Edward honeymooned, or a charm of their baby daughter, Renesmee.  Those drawn to the atmosphere and landscape of Twilight can wear a charm of a Redwood tree or Forks High School.  Buy a charm depicting Jacob’s old jalopy truck or his motorcycle. Show your love of Twilight by wearing a part of it every day. And don’t be surprised the next time you hear a bump in the night!

Mike Gramsby is a Twilight fan and enjoys the many symbols of the Twilight series including the wolf charm and twilight ring.

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