T Shirts for Fans of The Twilight Series

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T Shirts for Fans of The Twilight Series

Twilight fans should be very glad to know that there are literally thousands of sites on the Internet that sell Twilight T-shirts to the cult movie and book’s many fans. The Twilight book series was originally written by Stephanie Meyer. It might shock fans to know that her manuscript was rejected 14 times by various publishing houses. I bet they are biting their tongues now in vein. However, the book was finally published in hard cover in 2005 and immediately topped the best seller list. And was nominated by Publishers Weekly as one of the best children’s’ books during 2005. The novel went on to be a mega hit and stayed on the New York Times best seller list for 91 weeks. Later Twilight was made into a popular movie. And exposed to millions of new fans worldwide who did not get a chance to read the best-selling vampire book.

Twilight is actually the first book in the series. Mostly, about Isabella Swan who falls in love with a vampire after her move from Phoenix, Arizona to Forks, Washington. The second book in the series is New Moon Eclipse, followed by Breaking Dawn. And certainly the following books are going to be made into films. Odds are that the films are destined for great box office success because of their millions of fans across the world. Many fans rocked their Twilight T-shirts while attending the Twilight movie. Twilight T-shirts are available for purchase at stores like Wal-Mart. Or online at sites like Amazon.com.

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