Should Kids Be Allowed to Play With Twilight Barbies?

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Should Kids Be Allowed to Play With Twilight Barbies?

Barbie toys and dolls are popular toys for kids and many claim that they will never go out of style. Perhaps, one reason for their continued popularity is Mattel’s strategy of adapting the Barbie toys to contemporary settings. For example, the toy company has decided to release Barbie dolls representing the main characters of the book and movie “Twilight,” Bella and Edward.

These Twilight Barbies faithfully depict the innocent face and long brunette hair of Bella and the strong jaw line of Edward. It is also claimed that the glow on Edward’s face that is indicative of his status as a vampire is also evident on the male doll.

Both dolls are scheduled to be released on November 1, 2009 and will be priced at .95. However, some have questioned whether children should be allowed to play with these Twilight Barbies. First of all, Twilight fans are teenagers and young adults. For some, dolls are no longer fit for these ages. Nevertheless, some teens and young adults continue to play with dolls although the emotional and psychological effects are different.

Secondly, the theme of Twilight is not appropriate for young kids because they are better suited to teens and young adults. Thus, children may not be able to identify with the Twilight Barbies unlike the other Barbie dolls that are based on fairy tales. The kids are likely to find that it is difficult for them to incorporate the characters of Edward and Bella into the imaginary world that they enter when playing with dolls.

Thus, it is advisable for parents to buy the Twilight Barbies for their teenage or even young adult children but not for their young kids. It may even be better to purchase these unique Barbie dolls for the purpose of keeping them as collectibles and as investments.

Thor is an avid fan of the Twilight series. He has created a website based upon Twilight Barbie Dolls as he thinks that it makes a great Twilight Collectors Doll.

Songs that describe some of the characters in Twilight. Remember it’s just for fun and most of them are supposed to be a joke!!! [Edward] Vampire Heart by HIM – I thought it fit pretty well… Candy Man by Christina Aguilera – Oh yeahhhh!! Your Guardian Angel by the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – it so works!!! Hot N Cold – Totally fits him (from the first book at least) [Bella] Touch-A Touch-A Touch me from Rocky Horror – haha… i love this one. Seventeen Forever by Metro Station – very Twilighty. Are you gonna be my girl by Jet – I dont even know where that one came from… Everytime We Touch by Cascada – It’s soooo Bella Part of your world from The Little Mermaid – very I-wanna-be-a-vampire ish [Jasper] What you feel from Buffy the vampire slayer – So Jaspery!! [Jacob] Bicycle Race by Queen – Well, Jacob likes motorbikes doesnt he? Hungry like the Wolf – AROOOOOOOOOO!!! [Rosalie] Cause I’m a Blonde by Julie Brown – Very Rose Fergilicious by Fergie – Also very Rosalie [Victoria] I will survive by Gloria Gaynor – Suits Victoria because she has a remarkable talent for surviving [Alice] Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend from Moulin Rouge – So Alicey Livin’ La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin – Describes her very well I wanna do your makeup by Scotty Vanity – Also very Alicey Glamorous by Fergie – ditto [Carlisle] Witch Doctor by Alvin and the Chipmunks – It has doctor in the title Doctor Who theme – Also has doctor Bad Case of Loving You – DOCTORRRR! [The Cullens] Go Go Power Rangers
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