Print Your Own Twilight Calendar

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Print Your Own Twilight Calendar

Times truly have changed. Who would have thought that looking at print calendars to simply know what day it is today can now be such a sweet and indulging experience? That is all courtesy of one hot and sexy vampire named Edward Cullen from the highly-popular book series Twilight.

Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga has undeniably reached phenomenal status. As book sales still continue to skyrocket like crazy and millions of fans all over the world (most of them composed of starry-eyed girls equipped with their ear-shattering screams) dreadfully anticipate the third film Eclipse to come out in the theaters, a thousand and one merchandises based on this vampire mania are probably starting to pop out like mushrooms from online stores as we speak.

The Twilight franchise is indeed booming and a lot of businessmen are benefiting from the ever-increasing fame of the book series and its movie stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. From Twilight magazines and Edward Cullen dolls in auction at ebay, to New Moon t-shirts and even 2010 Twilight-inspired print calendars up for grabs on sale, the mania is just everywhere here in cyberspace! The ideas are endless and what’s fascinating is there’s also no stopping the fans from biting into each and every one of them!

Speaking of calendar printing, if you are one of those fanpires religiously supporting the saga and actually contemplating about purchasing one of those Twilight-inspired calendars that will probably cost you an arm or two, better take a step back and think first. Because with some .jpeg pictures, glossy paper and a sane colored printer, you will get to have your 365 daily doses of Twilight and save $$$ at the same time by simply making your own calendar right at the comforts of your own home!

There are a lot of downloadable calendar templates that you can edit and jazz up. The internet is also a great source of amazing high-resolution pictures of Twilight scenes, posters, quotes and memorabilia you will need for this project. Search and save your favorites and start letting loose your creativity by designing the calendar pages based on your preference. You can put in text and even add your friends’ birthdays, party schedules and other special occasions for easy reference.

Aside from having the freedom to pick out the pictures and the design you like, calendar printing can take your creativity up a notch, plus you are sure to have loads of fun when you do it with your friends too. And if it comes out really awesome, you might even want to consider selling them too.

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