Play The Twilight Personality Quiz and Twilight Trivia Games

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Play The Twilight Personality Quiz and Twilight Trivia Games

You have started to read this article because you are one among the millions of fans of the legendary Twilight series. So I think that it would be pointless to explain what the novel “Twilight” and its characters are all about. Since the first release of the novel back in 2005, it has gathered countless numbers of fans across the planet. The novels are amongst the best selling books of all time, the movies are larger than life and growing fan base seems to be expanding faster than a virus. There seems to be a new tradition, a new fade, a new society of followers and they are growing faster and faster. So have you ever asked yourself what character do I most resemble? Take the all new Twilight Personality quiz to see how your personality matches up. Its fun, it’s quick, and it’s easy.

Amongst the growing fan base of Twilighters, more and more fun and exciting accessories are hitting the market. You can find fashion apparel at just about any department clothing store in the world; Toys and games are being sold everywhere you look. Even costume replicas can be found at stores so you can look just like your favorite character.

So anything you can think of or anything you have seen in Twilight movies you should be able to buy. The social scene is growing faster online than anywhere else. Everyday new and amazing twilight sites are hitting the web. One of our favorites is the Twilight personality quiz site that picks the characters that have the most in common with you. Not only does it have a fun Twilight personality quiz but a whole bunch of other fun twilight trivia games and challenging tests and quizzes to see how much of a fan you really are.

So if you just want to see what Twilight character you most resemble then take the Twilight personality quiz its quick and easy and best of all its all free. And if that wasn’t enough for you then try all the fun trivia games on the site, some are harder than others so you better be up on your twilight game if you’re going to win. Get your friends involved and see who knows the most. If you’re also planning to start dressing like your favorite Twilight star then you should see if you have the same personality as them, you may be dressing like the wrong character so hurry and take the Twilight personality quiz


We update all our games, trivia, and quizzes on a weekly basis so bookmark our page and keep revisiting us and invite all your friends on Facebook, MySpace, or whatever way you stay connected with your friends.

the reasons why i chose the songs; bella-hot stuff; well yeah you know… haha edward-like a virgin; pretty much the oldest virgin there is alice cullen-suddenly i see; one she can see the future, and now she can suddenly see she’s happy being a vampire jasper hale-soulja boy; he was a souldier. Rosalie-this is why im hot; she’s stunning & pretty much perfect yep? Emmett-macho man; need i say more? Carlisle-Dr jones; the only song i knew with ‘Dr’ in it XD Jacob-who’s afraid of the big bad wolf; pretty self explanitory.. and he says it himself : D James-hungry like the wolf; no this song doesnt suit jacob just becuase it has ‘wolf’ in it, it suits james coz he’s on a hunt and hes hungry LIKE the wolf. the song isnt saying he is a wolf. durrr durrr victoria-one way or another; she’s gna get her revenge laurent;barbie girl-dont ask 😐 esme- i didnt know what song to do for her. all the other songs were jokes, and i couldnt really have a serious song. it would ruin it. durr
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