New Moon Stephenie Meyer

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by Tsar Kasim

New Moon Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie Meyer (born December 24, 1973) is the famous American author of the Twilight book series. The Twilight series consists of four novels – New Moon is the second Twilight book.

Initially when Stephenie Meyer completed Twilight, she began writing a sequel titled Forever Dawn. Meyer was said to be aiming at a more adult audience with her second Twilight book, which was to tell the story of the main protagonist Bella Swan after she had left high school. However once it was confirmed Twilight would be published and marketed as a novel for young-adults, she decided to begin a new sequel also aimed at younger adults – New Moon.

The 608 page hardcover of New Moon was subsequently published in September 2006 by publisher Little, Brown Books. It immediately became a bestseller.

**SPOILER** The story of New Moon follows Bella immediately following events of Twilight. Edward Cullen and his family decide to leave forks, primarily because he believes his presence will bring danger to Bella. Bella develops a close friendhip with Jacob Black as she struggles with Edward’s departure. However, despite Edward’s best intentions Bella is not safe as Victoria, a vampire, comes for her to avenge the death of James (killed at the end of Twilight). She discovers Jacob is a werewolf who, together with his fellow werewolves, fights to protect her. But Edward mistakenly learns she is dead and, in his own grief, heads to Volterra, Italy, where he plans to commit suicide. However, Bella learns of this and, aided by Edward’s sister Alice, travels there to stop him. In Volterra they come face to face with a powerful coven of vampires, the Volturi, who only allow them to return to Forks alive on one condition: Bella must (in the future) be turned into a vampire.

When Stephenie Meyer was writing New Moon, the Twilight movie was in development at Paramount Pictures. The story goes that despite many years of trying, Paramounts MTV Film’s division were struggling to adapt the novel to the big screen. Early screenplays were unfaithful to the original Twilight book before, in what is considered one of the greatest coup’s in Hollywood history, Summit Entertainment acquired the rights. The screenplay that would eventually become the first Twilight movie, and that remained largely faithful to Stephenie Meyer’s novel, was written (after New Moon was released) by Emmy nominee Melissa Rosenberg.

The Twilight movie was a huge success, pulling in 4M worldwide – more than ten times it’s original M budget. It became the biggest box office film based on Vampires in history and is currently in the top 118 box office earners of all time.

Filming on the sequel, based on the New Moon book but titled The Twilight Saga: New Moon, began in February 2009, this time with an increased estimated budget of around M. The Twilight Saga: New Moon, again faithfully adapted from the New Moon book by Melissa Rosenberg, was released in theaters on November 20, 2009.

Upon its release, the New Moon movie immediately broke records and more than doubled the first day box office haul of Twilight. First, it eclipsed The Dark Knight to break the record for the largest midnight opening ever (.27M). It then passed The Dark Knight again to claim the record for largest opening day (.7M). by the end of its first weekend it was in the record books as the third biggest weekend opener of all time (0.7M). Worldwide New Moon became the seventh biggest opener ever with 8.8M.

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