How to Make Twilight Saga Themed Scrapbook Paper:

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How to Make Twilight Saga Themed Scrapbook Paper:

Scrapbooking is a favorite pass time of many, but finding the right scrapbook paper for a specific theme can be hard.

For instance I recently went to a Twilight Saga Eclipse movie party, and now I have dozens of pictures that need scrapbook paper that goes along with the theme of the party.   Here are some ideas about how I, or anyone can make their own scrapbook paper.

Step 1: Search on the internet for “free twilight pictures” or search for keywords such as “vampires,” “apple,” or “werewolf.”  Choose the pictures that will fit the project the best.   

Step 2: Right click the picture and save it into a document or folder that is easily found on the computer.   I specify, ‘easily found,’ because it is often easy to save pictures in the wrong folder and then they get lost.

Step 3:  Use a simple design program such as ‘paint,’  to add personal touches to the picture.  Change the colours, add graphics, add text and find creative ways to make the picture more unique.  A cute idea, is to add favorite quotes from the book or movies; such as adding “Be Safe” or “Runs with vampires,” to the bottom of the picture.  

Step 4: Print out the picture on a normal sheet of paper.  Now it is perfect to be cut and pasted into any scrapbook, just add stickers and personal pictures to complete the look.

Step 5: Search online to find ink stores that sell Discount Printer Cartridges,s even on name brands.  This can make the project more cost effective, from start to finish.  

Step 6: Create more scrapbook pages.

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