Book Review: Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

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Book Review: Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

The book Twilight is hugely popular and not without reason, since there are about ten million copies of the books in circulation (the fan base is that huge). This is the story of Bella, the female lead and Edward who is a gentleman during the day and a vampire at night. Twilight can be finished in just a few sittings, and the readers are likely to forget their real surroundings and become a part of the fantasy world created by Stephenie Meyer. While one can agree it is not a literary masterpiece, readers would find it fun to become lost in the world created by the author.

Entertaining and Fast Paced


Overall it is an extremely entertaining and fast paced story all about romance and suspense. Considering the fact that it is a vampire love story, Twilight content still remains on the cleaner side (you need not worry about the teenagers). The author Stephenie Meyer has also come up with the concept of good vampires which is intriguing and unusual. There are, however, times when the writing is clunky. Especially the way Edward’s character has been portrayed, it’s unbelievable for any character to be so perfect. The relationship between Bella and Edward also at times does not appear equal.

Bella Falls for the Other Worldly Grace of Edward


The narration of the book is in first person, and is told by Bella herself. The book Twilight is the story of romance between Bella and Edward, who has other worldly beauty and grace and Bella falls for it. Some unexpected events also happen because (after all) Edward and his family members are vampires. They have chosen to resist the urge to drink human blood as they quench their thirst only with the animal blood. But Bella soon finds out all the vampires in her life do not observe these rules and that the world is more dangerous than she thought.

Different Treatment to Female Sexuality


The book Twilight has treated the female sexuality differently, since there is plenty of sensuality and yearning, yet there is no sex or alcohol or drug use. Edward doesn’t agree to Bella’s demands to turn her into a vampire as he doesn’t believe it is the right thing to do. Twilight is easy and enjoyable and the readers just keep the pages turning. While the book is truly unique and entertaining, it’s not flawless. The book is not likely to attract the male readers either. Some critics however do suggest the book portrays the female sexuality in an unhealthy manner and that if presents a bad example for the teenage girls the book is targeting.

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