5 Flashy Twilight Party Favors

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5 Flashy Twilight Party Favors

A bunch of friends, a packet of chips and something to drink; is this not enough to party? Well, yes that is a party too. But now is the age of hard partying and theme parties are the latest rage. When talking about theme parties, the one word that enlightens many hearts is Twilight. Twilight is a series of four books about an ordinary girl Bella falling in love with a vegetarian vampire (do not feed on humans) Edward, written by Stephanie Meyer. Twilight party themes have revolutionized the world of parties.

The Twilight parties just like the Harry Potter series have redefined the way parties have been celebrated. Be it a birthday or Halloween parties, or any high school or college party, when all friends are Twilight fanatics the mood for a perfect Twilight theme party is set.

There are numerous Twilight party favors available online and you can make your affordable choice. The first step is obviously giving out personalized Twilight invitations to your friends. You can use the Twilight font Zephyr and also give a red apple with a red satin ribbon tied to its stem. Red and white tulips are also a favorite.

Music is the love of life. What is a party without music? Play the Twilight movie sound tracks and if possible play the movie too. It is so much fun to watch the movie with so many Twilight fanatics around, even if you are watching it a tenth time.

Festoons and decorations spice up the spirit of parties. Twilight theme parties can be embellished with the novel or movie specific features. Hang Twilight movie posters around the room. Have the vampire hunk Robert Pattinson, his lady love Kristen Stewart and the fierce werewolf Taylor Lautner lighten up your living rooms. Place photos and posters of the Cullen family crest around your home. Some crazy fans go to the extent of hanging umbrellas all over the house to represent the always rainy and wet Forks. You can also have dim red and white lighting all over.

Now the mood is all set and Twilighty. The next most important thing is the food. You ca have most items to be in red color. Fill jars with red, white or black apple shaped candies. Serve red velvet cake, red punch or soda. You can serve Italian food as that is what the Cullen family cook when Bella visits them first. Try making mushroom ravioli as that is the dish Bella orders when she is out with Edward on their first dinner together.

Coming to the fun activities part, there are the traditional tail the donkey kind of games you can play. To stick to the theme you can play

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