5 Extravagant Twilight Party Favors

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5 Extravagant Twilight Party Favors

Kids, teenagers and adults, all hope to throw the best party in the neighborhood. Most friends have common interests and same things fascinating them. We all have heard about the Twilight series of books and movie adaptations by Stephanie Meyer. It is the amazing love story of a high school human girl Bella and her super handsome vampire boy friend Edward, filled with equal romance and action. If all you friends are super crazy about Twilight do not look back to make your birthday, Halloween party or your high school, college party into a Twilight theme based party. Your friends will just love it, trust me.

How do you plan to invite your friends for this theme party? Send out personalized Twilight banners and invitations in red with a small plastic fang. Your guests can wear them for the party and also dress up like their favorite Twilight character. It will be appropriate to have this Twilight theme party after dusk, as that is the time vampires come alive.

The invites are out, all arrangements are done, and the D day has arrived. One interesting thing to do is to fill your house with strong room fresheners. Vampires get attracted by scents and we all know that Edward loves Bella

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