White Nights as the Best Time to Visit St Petersburg

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White Nights as the Best Time to Visit St Petersburg

White Nights as the Best Time to Visit St Petersburg

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Home Page > Travel > White Nights as the Best Time to Visit St Petersburg

White Nights as the Best Time to Visit St Petersburg

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Posted: Jun 22, 2010 |Comments: 0


Copyright (c) 2010 Oleg Shkaruta

What can be more romantic than white nights in Saint Petersburg? Beginning of summer is marked with this magnificent nature phenomenon. And even this is not the only attraction of the White Nights season. There are plenty of venues organized at this period to attract more tourists to the city at the end of spring ‘ beginning of summer. The number and level of cultural events exceed expectations of the most demanding visitors. Arts naturally flourish in atmosphere of happiness and celebration, giving enough inspiration for the rest of year.

White nights look like twilight at night time, which lasts for some weeks in June. Geographical location accounts for this phenomenon, because St Petersburg is located in the North of Russia. White nights existence proves that everything is devised by nature wisely. For instance, at such northern latitude vegetation grows slowly and round-the-clock light provides better conditions for growth, which is important for the area, where summer is short.

The twilight is deeper a bit from midnight until 2 a.m. when a new day begins at dawn. Quiet streets and buildings look magical. Everything around is immersed into silent milky dusk. Those who are lost in everyday routine, discover new inspiration and joy of life in such mysterious place as St Petersburg.

The cultural life of the city is rich in venues during this period. The major film and drama festivals, concerts and entertainment events are held at White Nights. One of the most significant events is international “Stars of the White Nights” festival. It is supported by the government and features performances of famous ballet and pop stars. Originally, the festival was presented by the Mariinsky theatre for citizens and guests of Saint Petersburg in 1993.

On the 27th of May those who are young at heart can join the celebration of school graduates – “Scarlet Sails”, named after the book of Alexander Grin. Many people gather on the Neva embankment to listen to Symphony Orchestras and pop music and to watch fireworks show. It is a very spectacular fair, which is worth visiting Saint Petersburg just for the sake of it.

You can enjoy jazz performances with famous musicians from all over the world. It is included by Philharmonic Society of Jazz Music into the range of the most prestigious music events of the world. Annually it gathers amateurs of jazz in the Mikhailovsky Garden in addition to various concert halls. Such major music event leaves unforgettable impressions in the memory of every jazz lover.

Over 1,000,000 guests come to St Petersburg every summer. The popularity of White Nights results in hotels overbooking and high room rates. Therefore many tourists prefer to rent private apartments, which are more spacious and affordable. Most rental apartments are located in the very centre of the city close to the main hot spots. Convenience of staying in the centre of the city is obvious. You will not depend upon the moveable bridge, will feel free and enjoy fully your being in the centre of Russian cultural life.

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Oleg Shkaruta
About the Author:

Visit my website
Alojamiento en San Petersburgo
to learn more about St Petersburg history and modern life including numerous museums, theatres, palaces and other sights.


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White Nights as the Best Time to Visit St Petersburg

The best cultural and entertainment events of Saint Petersburg are conducted during the period of White Nights, when it is never dark in the city for several weeks. This magnificent nature phenomenon along with grandiose venues attracts crowds of tourists from different parts of the world.

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Apartments in St Petersburg ‘Overview for visitors to Russia

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Unofficial Art and Culture of St Petersburg

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Travelling to Saint Petersburg: Accommodation Overview

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May 04, 2010

Apartments For Rent In St Petersburg – Alternative To Hotels

Before visiting St Petersburg, check out apartment rentals on the net. These accommodations proved to be the most cost effective choice for foreign tourists in Russia.

Oleg Shkarutal
Apr 18, 2010

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Visit my website
Alojamiento en San Petersburgo
to learn more about St Petersburg history and modern life including numerous museums, theatres, palaces and other sights.

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