Watch Daybreakers 2010 Online Free, Full Length Movie

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Watch Daybreakers 2010 Online Free, Full Length Movie

Like most horror fans, I’m getting tired of seeing loveable sweet vampires that little girls fall in love with. Even if I do find the Twilight movies to be entertaining, I still prefer my vamps to be badass human eaters. So I decided to go see Daybreakers. I’ve been looking forwards to seeing the movie for a while and after viewing the film I have some mixed feeling about Daybreakers. Some parts were really cool and others just seemed silly.

Watch Daybreakers 2010 Online Free, Full Length Movie

Plot: Earth’s population is up against a vicious plague that’s transforming everyone into vampires and draining the world of an increasingly precious resource: blood. Edward Dalton (Ethan Hawke) and “Elvis” Cormac (Willem Dafoe) must decide what happens next. As the human race count nears zero, will vampires feast on the few men and women who remain, or could science hold the key to a less destructive solution?

As soon as Daybreakers began, it instantly caught my attention. I could tell right away that it was very original and different than most other vampire movies; and I was correct. I have to say that Daybreakers is one of the most original horror films of the last few years, and in a time filled with sequels and remakes, it’s nice to see a original movie. The main reason I wanted to see Daybreakers is because I wanted to see some awesome vampire action, and I did get to see some pretty cool fight scenes. Especially towards the end of the movie when we get to see a all out vampire feeding frenzy. Daybreakers isn’t loaded with gore, but when it does show gore it makes it count. We see limbs torn off, heads pulled off and lots of blood squirting. Some of the gore effects were CGI, and some weren’t. Most of the acting was also pretty good. Willem Dafoe did a good job and I thoughtEthan Hawke did the best he could do with a weak script. The cinematography wasn’t half bad either. Plus the movie has a really badass “Smokey and the Bandit” style Trans am/Firebird in it. And who in the hell doesn’t love a good old fashioned muscle car?

Daybreakers has some good things going for it, but it also has it’s fair share of problems. The first fifteen minutes of the movie were great and really got my attention, but shortly after I started to loose focus. But it’s not that big of a problem since the movie picks back up and gets good again towards the end. Another thing I didn’t like about Daybreakers is the CGI. Some of it didn’t look that bad, and some of it did. Especially the scenes involving fire. The biggest problem I have with Daybreakers isn’t with the slow pace or the CGI, the thing that I hated the most was the way that some of the vampires turned back to humans. I’m not going to give anything away, but I will say that I thought it was ridiculous and very silly. Me and everyone else in the theater laughed our asses off during one scene particularly.

Overall I enjoyed Daybreakers. If you’re tired of seeing movies about friendly vampires and want to see a real vampire movie, and if you can get past a little CGI and silliness, I recommend you go see Daybreakers.

watch the full movie here: Watch Daybreakers 2010 Online Free, Full Length Movie – Follow Us! Check out our interview with Robert Pattinson about Eclipse. Robert tells us some good info on why he has liked working with different directors for each movie and how being able to work with Taylor more has been interesting as Edward and Jacob’s characters develop. Make sure to go see Eclipse on June 30th, 2010! Twilight Saga: Eclipse footage is courtesy of Summit Entertainment

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