iPad Downloads Made Easy with MyPadMedia

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Twilight books
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iPad Downloads Made Easy with MyPadMedia

iPad Downloads Made Easy with MyPadMedia

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Home Page > Technology > Gadgets and Gizmos > iPad Downloads Made Easy with MyPadMedia

iPad Downloads Made Easy with MyPadMedia

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Posted: Apr 24, 2010 |Comments: 0



The cool thing about MyPadMedia is that it doesn’t require any of the following:

Illegal torrents
Complicated procedures to “JailBreak” the iPad
Sending your paycheck to iTunes
Dealing with sneaky recurring charges

It’s just a one time fee of .95 and you’ll get access to everything in the library at MyPadMedia (and this is a very exhaustive library that I’ve seen grow over the past few weeks I’ve been a member).

This covers everything from newspapers, comic books, science fiction novels, non-fiction novels and the classics!

I have always felt that multimedia should be 100% transportable!  And the great thing about MyPadMedia is that it delivers on that promise!

At first I thought it must be too good to be true. However, I was very wrong.  Like I said earlier, there’s no need for torrents, fancy “jailbreaks” or anything like that with this service.

It’s just a great alternative to the iTune store in my opinion.

To give you an example – my daughter is a huge fan of the Twilight series of novels.  Rather than spending the + for each of the novels I was able to just let her read them on my iPad!

My son is an avid comic book reader and the comic books I’ve found on MyPadMedia have kept him very happy.  Honestly, the only downside to MyPadMedia is that my kids both want their own iPad.

I need a fast, reliable, low-cost way of getting quality digital content onto my iPad and I’m very happy with the service provided by MyPadMedia.


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About the Author:

Michael Stone is a software developer by day and a rabid pro-Apple blogger by night!


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I want to download my favorite movie dvds to my Ipad. How do I do that?
Would I need to be connected to WiFI when I read an ebook that has been downloaded? I want to read books on a cruise without paying for WiFi!
Should I download the mobi reader to send ebooks for my desktop to then send them to my Kindle?

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iPad Downloads – No monthly or “Pay Per Download” fees For iPad Downloads

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iPad Downloads Made Easy with MyPadMedia

I love my iPad. I use it every day for surfing, email and even some light text editing. But one of my annoyances with the iPad is how expensive and restrictive the iTunes store is. It seems that every time I want to get a book, comicbook, newspaper etc. I end up having to spend – for it. At least that was before I discovered MyPadMedia!


Gadgets and Gizmosl
Apr 24, 2010

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