Hot Christmas Toys for 2010 for Boys, Girls, Teens, Toddlers and more

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Hot Christmas Toys for 2010 for Boys, Girls, Teens, Toddlers and more

Hot Christmas Toys for 2010 for Boys, Girls, Teens, Toddlers and more

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Home Page > Advertising > Hot Christmas Toys for 2010 for Boys, Girls, Teens, Toddlers and more

Hot Christmas Toys for 2010 for Boys, Girls, Teens, Toddlers and more

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Welcome to the best Christmas gift ideas for quick holiday shopping on the internet. No more worrying about holiday traffic while your on the search for gifts, and no more waiting an hour in checkout lanes. You can do all of your Christmas shopping straight from your chair at These items are all from bestseller lists, so you’ll know what your getting will be gifts they’ll love, and at prices you can’t beat.

Gifts for the Entire Family
Before we get into each individual age group, let’s start by looking at the best gifts for the entire family. This is usually a time as well as money saver, especially if your looking to make several people happy with a single gift!
Nintendo Wii
The first thing on our list, and it’s a great addition to any home, is the Nintendo Wii. Your thinking, why a video game system? Just listen! The Wii has a large variety of games on it that will suit the needs of all age groups, and it’s pretty cheap itself. On top of that you’ll get your loved ones the valuable exercise that they need by getting Wii Fit. This is a great way to slip in a method to give your family exercise where they least expect it! Stay healthy, play the Wii!
Personal Computer
This is always a great addition to your household. Aside from all the fun and enjoyment of staying connected with friends and family online, it’s also a useful tool to become computer literate, as well as a great way for children to do school research. On top of that, it’s also also a great way to play video games. Think of a personal computer as a all-in-one present.
Household Movie Projector
Have you ever considered turning a blank wall in your home into a theater? This is a new craze these days due to the low cost of the projectors. I do recommend getting some type of sound system for your theater too!
Board Games
This is a low costing solution to those on a budget, yet still want to purchase a gift that involves the entire family! Two games come to mind, and they are both some of the bestselling games out there. They are Settlers of Catan and Apples to Apples. The Settlers of Catan game is a good one, my brother picked it up and we’ve played several times with my dad and other brother (4 players). Apples to Apples is game about making comparisons between different things, it’s highly entertaining for a group of people.
Video games are a popular item among people of all ages, and these would make great gifts for just about anyone, both men and women, and boys and girls. There is plenty of action for everyone! I wasn’t going to make this it’s own section, but due to the amount of information I had create it. Enjoy!

Gaming Console
I bet you already knew, huh? Boys and girls just love their video games, that is certainly nothing new! It’s basically a toss-up between the Xbox 360, the Playstation 3 (PS3), and the Nintendo Wii. At this point your at a crossroads since you may have no idea which system to buy, so I’ll try to be a bit helpful with your decision. Out of the three, the PS3 is the most powerful system as well as includes a built-in Blu-Ray player which may save you in the long run. The Xbox 360 is another powerful system, and it features a normal DVD player. The Nintendo Wii is the most affordable system, but the system itself isn’t that powerful, it’s just fun and friendly, especially when entire families are playing it.
Xbox 360 – If you don’t feel like spending a lot of money for the PS3, yet want to get a gift that is both popular as well as powerful, get the Xbox 360. This can play regular movie DVD’s as well. You need to pay for Xbox Live membership if you want to play online games, it’s not too expensive though. Also the online gameplay is pretty smooth and clear.
Playstation 3 (PS3) – Get this if you don’t mind spending extra money. You may end up saving in the long run since your child may sooner or later want a Blu-Ray player, and this comes with one. The PS3 let’s you play online for free, if you have broadband internet already.
Wii – If you know the boy wants a gaming system and you don’t have one yet, and at the same time you don’t have the money to burn for the more powerful and expensive systems, this is the best that your going to get.
I’m a pretty hardcore video gamer as well, and I may be a bit bias when I say that it’s more likely that your boy will enjoy the Xbox 360 or the PS3 the most. The Wii is a fun system, but it’s processors are not the most powerful and it makes the graphics not as good. I suppose the best rule of thumb would be this, just ask “What type of gaming system does your friends have?” and most likely they’ll answer it, and at the same time it’s not directly telling them that your getting him one. *** The game consoles I listed are bundles, which means they come with games. I did this on purpose just in case you forgot to get your boy a game and only the system, which at that point is pretty pointless! Just looking out for you! 

Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies
We’re going to start with babies, and then work our way up from there. There are lots of baby gift ideas out there, the only problem is, is which is right for the baby that you are buying for? Let’s have a look at what’s on the bestseller lists, perhaps something will tickle your fancy.
Baby Nurse Call Monitor
Your probably a bit confused by this, but don’t worry! This is a great gift for those who are expecting, or perhaps a couple with a recent newborn who is trying to gather the much-needed baby supplies. This makes a useful gift, and one that the baby would appreciate!
Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether
This item which is made from 100% rubber and food paint is the perfect gift for a baby who is just beginning to teethe, after all it’s part toy and part child development all rolled into one.
Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes
What better way to promote auditory development than letting your baby sing-along with 7 high quality classical melodies! From reading the reviews, this item has proven to be quite popular among new parents!
Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light
This has over 860 responses on Amazon, it’s quite popular! Think of this as a stuffed animal that has another use, it’s also a nightlight! The shell glows in 3 soothing colors, and five endangered sea animals illuminate one at a time.
LeapFrog Learn & Groove
Inspire your baby with learning over 40 songs and 15 activities, such as tap, slide, roll, or spin. It introduces shapes, numbers, and counting, as well as features legs that attach to the table as the baby grows.
Stuffed Animals with Soothing Sounds
This is an excellent gift for those wishing to help their babies sleep better, which allows helps the parents sleep better as well! There are many different types of stuffed animals that play soothing songs, but we’re only going to show a few on this list (the bestsellers) to give you some ideas.
Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe
To go along with the stuffed animals with soothing songs, a good gift would be a blanket that is both snug and fitting, so that it can keep your baby warm at night while he/she listens to soothing songs. As your baby grows the wings can adjust for size and comfort. There are many, many more of these types of blankets, we’re only going to show you the one on the top of the list.
Little Super Star Classical Stacker
Have you ever noticed just how many of these stackers you see in houses with babies? This is almost a necessity these days, isn’t it? I wasn’t surprised seeing this high up on the list, wasn’t surprised at all. If your baby doesn’t have one of these yet, this would make a great gift!
Gift Ideas for Boys
This is when it starts getting tough, since your asking yourself “What does my boy want this Christmas?” and your mental wheel is just spinning. You don’t know, do you? Hopefully this list will give you some ideas for what to get for Christmas! You should be able to find something, since this is only the bestselling items and that itself should say something.
There are so many Nerf toys out there that it’s hard to pick what exactly your boy would want. So, with that I just picked the top two of the bestselling Nerf toys to hopefully point you in the right direction.
This has always been a very popular toy over the years, and still remains very popular even today. Due to the shear amount of Lego toys out there, as I’m pretty sure you know, I’m only going to list the top few, otherwise you’ll be spending the next twenty four hours just browsing Lego toys!
Handheld Gaming System
There are two handheld gaming systems that are quite popular, the first is the Nintendo DS, which stands for Nintendo Dual-Screen. The next is the PSP, which stands for the Playstation Portable. To be honest, it’s hard to pick between the two, but on the bright side I have no doubt whichever one you buy your son will be quite happy!

Remote Control Vehicles
I remember growing up and having a remote control monster truck called Big Bubba. It was one of the most memorable experiences growing up, the only downside was when I drove it into a lake, that was no fun. I guess we all learn the hard way! I’m only going to show the top two bestsellers since there are so many to choose from. The number one bestseller is a remote control helicopter which I remember seeing an add for, it has plenty of good reviews of it too and it’s also cheap.
A scooter is always a good gift. Why? Because it gets the boy outside for exercise and fresh air! I had one of these two while growing up, and I remember always having a tough time choosing between this and my bike. This would make an excellent gift that is both fun and healthy!
Gift Ideas for Girls
Finding the right gifts for pre-teen girls isn’t easy, since their now starting to blossom into young ladies their needs are a bit complex. With the help and input of my friends (notably the female friends) as well as going through the internet and searching bestsellers lists, I’ve compiled a list of what pre-teen girls would like for gifts. Also, don’t forget that girls like video games too!
Since we left off with Scooters for boys, we’ll start that with girls (We’re already on the page). This is the number one pick for scooters for girls, and it’s reasonably priced so that helps a lot too. This is both fun as well as keeps your girls healthy and fit!
Bracelet Making Kits
You can’t go wrong with this one! Friends get together and enjoy some fun arts and crafts with a bracelet making kit. There are several kits out there, but this one is the first on the bestsellers list, as well as had high rankings.
Stamp Sets
This would make a wonderful addition to the bracelet making kit, you could even have an arts and crafts theme for the holidays. It comes with it’s own storage box, so clean-up should be a breeze.
Easy Bake Oven
You knew this one was going to be listed, didn’t you? I bet you did! I remember seeing commercials for this as I was growing up, and I even remember trying some Easy Bake brownies at a friends, which to my surprise were quite good! If you do pick this up, I recommend getting additional mixes because you know the ones that come with the oven will disappear quite fast.
Did you know that Barbie has Twilight movie dolls? I didn’t, until I looked up the bestselling barbies and noticed that Bella, Jacob, and Edward dolls were on the top of the list. I suppose it makes sense due to the movie’s popularity. If she likes Twilight, I have no doubt she’ll appreciate these gifts!
If there is one thing that I’ve noticed while growing up, is that girls love their stickers. They put them on everything, such as their folders, their notebooks, their diaries, and more. I think this would make a great low costing gift.
Coloring Books
This would greatly compliment the stickers up above, don’t you agree? They color their pictures and then after put stickers on them! Coloring books are always great for those who wish to express themselves in the form of art.
Apple Ipod
Does she have a love of music? One of the best gifts you can get is a portable music device, such as Apple’s Ipod. They are pretty affordable these days and are great for when she is on the go.
Gifts Ideas for Teen Boys
When boys start getting into their teens, it starts to become quite easy and also very difficult to get them the right gifts. Usually video games are a huge hit still, and quite possibly stay a hit all the way up until their an adult. But, aside from that there are quite a few things that are must-haves for teenage boys! Just remember, teenage boys want to be cool, so only buy things that will go with that image (their definition of cool, not yours).

Electric Guitar
Playing the electric guitar is often considered the hip and cool thing to do when your a teenager, especially a young teen. If someone asks you “Do you play the guitar?” you can respond with “Oh.. yeaa…” which could potentially add some popularity points for you. Aside from that, it’s a healthy expression of the soul and quite enjoyable too. This would make a good gift for anyone who is interested in music.
I did feature this already for the girls category, but this is the time period in a young man’s life that it’s considered “cool” to have an Ipod. Besides, if they go out running for track, or biking for fun, an Ipod could be very useful!
Hit Video Games
You may want to check around for the latest video games that are considered smash hits. Often, you can just call up a local store and ask them “What is the latest and most popular game title for [insert your console system here]?” and they will respond with three to four titles for you to choose from. Remember, teenage boys love their action and bloodshed, so the more the merrier!
This is the period in a teenager’s life where it’s important to have their own personal computers. In today’s world, a laptop would suit them while they are constantly on the go. Also, at the same time whenever they go off to college they will already have a laptop so you won’t have to buy them another one! I do recommend getting one that is capable of playing video games quite well, otherwise you may hear them complain about it.
Sports Gear
A lot of teenage boys are very active, but I’m pretty sure you know that already. They are always into some type of sports activity, and what better way to contribute is to get them some sports gear! The great thing about this is that it’s usually pretty affordable too. Please note, be sure they are into sports to begin with, otherwise whatever you buy them may sit on the shelf for the next ten years.
This has always been a very successful and low costing method of getting gifts for people. Usually you can spend under to get someone a movie they may like. A good rule of thumb is to keep track of the blockbuster hits, and you can by just going to an online movie retailer and sorting it by most rented or most viewed and that should give you an idea of which movie to buy (the most popular). Remember, you want to get him a cool movie.
Board & Card Games
Both board and card games both are very enjoyable as well as usually come with a cheap price tag. Since there are so many board and card games, I’m going to show you only one of each to give you some ideas. These are great gift ideas to beef up your gift giving selection!

Gift Ideas for Teen Girls
Just like teen boys, teen girls are equally as difficult to buy for. This is where having several trustworthy friends (girls) come in handy, as well as doing a bit of research on the bestselling lists in regards to what teenage girls buy. Oh, and yes, teenage girls do play plenty of video games as well! 
A lot of teenage girls read magazines, and there are plenty out there to pick from. Due to the competition of the internet and paper magazines, it’s driven the printed magazine’s price way down, and I mean, really far down. You can get a year subscription for next to nothing these days, and it’s worth checking out.
Cell Phone
Yes, that’s right! You know girls during their teen years are gossip and text-mongers! Your best bet is to get them a cell phone that comes with a slide keyboard, such as the Rumor or Rant. You know they will appreciate this gift, and you know that it will get a tremendous amount of use.
Girly Movies
I don’t mean to label them like this, but it’s the best way to quickly get the idea across! Usually teenage girls love movies about relationships and love, and getting them a couple for Christmas would be a great idea!
Girls love to talk, but they also love to write notes to each other, doodle, and write down secret crushes in their diaries. This is a great gift that I have no doubt will get some use.
You can’t go wrong with posters, although if you get movie star posters I would suggest that you find out who her favorite crushes are concerning movie stars, you wouldn’t want to get the wrong one!
Gift Cards
You know that females love their shopping, and getting them gift cards will make them dance around in glee as they consider what their going to spend their gift cards on. This is also great for those that just don’t know what to get their kids, what a loophole!
Teenagers love staying in touch, posting their newest images on their Facebook, and much more. A webcam can can do both of those, they can talk live with their friends, as well as take screenshots (images) and upload them to Facebook.
Makeup & Lotion
You know that being a woman you need to look pretty, ever thought of giving some gifts such as makeup or skin lotion? There is a lot of different products to choose from, so I listed the top two in regards to makeup and skin lotion. But, you get the idea.
Universal Gifts
You may want to consider getting some universal gifts, just in case you forget someone you can quickly wrap something up and give it to them. All the items here are gender and age neutral, so go wild!
Gift Cards
This is about as gender neutral as you can get! They decide what they want to buy, if it’s a male they can go buy their share of gory movies, and if it’s a gal they can go buy their favorite perfumes. Your not restricted to what you can buy!
Candy Gift Sets
Usually person loves candy, and there are plenty of candy gift sets out there to fill anyone’s tummy full of sweet goodness!
Video Players
These are gender neutral as well, since it’s what goes on the inside is what determines who is watching it (the DVD). People always like new gadgets, and this is no different!
This is new fad on the internet which is quite popular amongst readers. The Kindle lets you load a lot of digital books, and I emphasize a lot, onto a single reader. You could literally have your entire library at the palm of your hand. This is great for people who want something to read while on the go.
Digital Camera
This is a gift that anyone would love! It’s a great idea for anyone wishing to take memories with them, or it even makes a great gift for those looking to be amateur photographers!
Gaming System
There are games that would interest both men and women, boys and girls, so this would be a safe bet if your trying to get something that is gender neutral!
There are plenty of magazines out there that don’t cater to a particular gender, such as the National Geographic. That has been a hit magazine for a very long time.
Stocking Stuffers
Stockings have been a traditional Christmas idea for a very long time, and it’s always a great way to warm up right before the main gift giving event happens! The following list is to give you some ideas of what particular items would go great in a stocking. Also, if your feeling slightly evil, you may want to consider tossing in somegag gifts into the stocking as well.

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