Guardian: Book Two: (Feather Book Series) Reviews

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Guardian: Book Two: (Feather Book Series)

In Book Two we delve deeper into the tragic world of the eighteen year old Estella, now left to find her own way in a place that is less than forgiving of her kind. As she searches to fight for what she loves, friends she had thought she had all but forgotten return, lending her a hand where she thought none would be given. As she travels through the places one can only hope to dream, and one does, we find the significance in our time spent in slumber, and the game we all play to move ahead.

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5 Responses to “Guardian: Book Two: (Feather Book Series) Reviews”
  1. GCS says:

    Review by GCS for Guardian: Book Two: (Feather Book Series)
    I read on a chat group somewhere that if you like Twilight you would like Feather and Guardian. I read them and was surprised at good they were. Note: There are some grammatical errors in both Feather and in Guardian but if you can get past that (which, I realize is hard because it drives me crazy too) the storyline and the characters in the books are worth reading. Not the same story as Twilight so you won’t be disappointed.

    I cannot wait for Raven, the third book in the series — I am hopeful it will be out soon so we can see where the story ends.

  2. Lucy says:

    Review by Lucy for Guardian: Book Two: (Feather Book Series)
    I was so excited for guardian that I stalked the blog everyday. When I finally saw that it was released to kindle I jumped on it first thing and I love it!!! I can’t stop reading and I’m not even done yet, i just had to express my gratitude for writting a book that is this creative and this entertaining!!!

  3. Sandra Hales says:

    Review by Sandra Hales for Guardian: Book Two: (Feather Book Series)
    I have read both Feather & Guardian in the Feather Book Series. I found it hard to put down. The story was captivating, I kept wanting to know more, what was going to happen. I was a little disappointed to find I could not yet receive the third book “Raven” to see how the whole story played out. My hope is that book will be available soon. Thank you

  4. Esme Goebel says:

    Review by Esme Goebel for Guardian: Book Two: (Feather Book Series)
    Abra Ebner has produced another riveting novel with “Guardian”. I loved the twilight series and was searching for another book or book series that was comparable when I happened upon the “Feather Series”. I was so overjoyed to have found a series that made me as excited and kept me as entranced. I would recommend anyone who appreciates a really fantastic read to get these books.

  5. MILLER6 says:

    Review by MILLER6 for Guardian: Book Two: (Feather Book Series)
    When i was told this book was like twilight i got excited- after getting the book i found it very very similar to twilight with the exception of no vampires. It is very close story line, the girl falls in love with someone in class- same “breathtaking moments” and for me it felt like i already knew the story. I was actually disappointed that it seemed to have the same “boring classroom, room, dancing scenes” but didnt capture the “LOVE” that i read in twi series. I did love the first few pages of the book, (and the idea of the story) but after that it seemed like i could predict the entire thing. I did purchase the 2nd book & and hoping that it goes into a different direction. So far, wouldnt recommend unless you are bored. Incase you are reading this & looking for a great series- go check out THE HUNGER GAMES!! That was amazing 🙂

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