Four Vampire Movies You?ve Probably Never Heard Of

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Four Vampire Movies You?ve Probably Never Heard Of


This early film by “Night of the Living Dead” director George A. Romero takes the movie and novel vampire clichés and spins them on their head, following the murderous and psychological problems of a young man who thinks he is a vampire. The movie never really comes forward with whether or not Martin is or isn’t an 85 year old vampire or if he is just a confused and shy 20 year old boy, which adds to the power and emotion of this unique take on vampire lore. Martin isn’t a “sexy” vampire with powers or hot cars with spoilers, he’s just a regular guy.


This strange mix of science fiction and vampirism flopped in the box office but is worth a viewing just for the great visual effects, fight scenes and beautiful Milla Jovovich. In the year 2078 after a global pandemic that gives the infected vampire-like powers but also kills them in 12 years, Violet is hired to steal a weapon that will be used to kill all infected on the planet. The plot is a bit silly but the fun twist on old-world vampirism in a future-setting is amusing.

“The Last Man on Earth”

This classic 1964 science fiction film is still powerful today thanks to a wonderful performance by Vincent Price and the dark, desolate, against-all-odds mood of the film. Dr. Robert Morgan is the last man on earth, struggling to survive against a world decimated and flooded by infected humans turned vampires. It is a slow movie but the viewer is rewarded some great scenes and a powerful, often-quoted climax.

“The Hunger”

Any vampire horror film that has David Bowie playing a stylish vampire is worth seeing in my book. This 1983 film has gained a cult following in recent years thanks to its moody, dark and glamorous atmosphere, as well as its soundtrack. Of course, now that the vampire genre is at an all-time peak thanks to “Twilight”, Warner Bros plans to remake the film for 2010. See the original first.

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