Finding Songs in Movies

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Finding Songs in Movies

Twilight: Eclipse

The soundtrack to the third Twilight movie was quite impressive and far from dreary and bland. The music introduced some great up and coming bands, much like the previous two films. There were many good uses of songs to be found here, specifically the use of “With You in My Head” by UNKLE featuring The Black Angels. The song was played during the montage while the vampires and werewolves were training for the newborns. The music was very ominous and menacing while staying quite upbeat, matching the scene perfectly. Muse can be heard in the movie again with their new song ‘Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)’, which plays during the party scene. A part from this many great bands are found both on the soundtrack and in the movie. New artists like Band of Horses and Florence and the Machine are heard throughout the movie as well as some more established artists like Beck and The Black Keys.

Grown Ups

The soundtrack from Grown Ups consisted of 18 songs while the play list of the movie itself was nearly double with 35 songs. The songs came quick and fast and generally consisted of classic 70 tracks. The J. Geils band was used heavily in the film with three of their songs making the cut, including ‘Come Back’ and ‘Just Can’t Wait’. Bob Seger was also in there, with Bad Company, Cheap Trick, some Journey, Bob Welch and even Fleetwood Mac. The best use of music was probably when ‘Every1’s a Winner’ by Hot Chocolate started playing during the final basketball game.



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