Eastern European "Schengen" countries, travel is no longer a mysterious way – Eastern Europe, travel, Europe – sports and leisure in

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Eastern European "Schengen" countries, travel is no longer a mysterious way – Eastern Europe, travel, Europe – sports and leisure in

From next January, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia nine Eastern European countries will join the “Schengen” agreement from the Chinese citizens will enjoy the full range of real travel in Europe: Office A Schengen visa can be traveled through the major European countries.

  Present, the domestic European tour focused on Western Europe and Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, tourism business development related to small and Eastern European countries such as the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Western Europe styles, enticing tourists to China, let us reveal Let the mysterious veil of Eastern European countries.

In the nine countries joined the Schengen Agreement, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia, the five countries as centers located in Europe, unique geographical conditions, so that they become connected in Eastern Europe, West and South, Nordic central hub, Eastern and Western civilizations digest here, do not have some flavor.

Poland: slightly sad brave ancient Gold attractions: Warsaw’s Palace, Old Town, Residence Chopin, Warsaw mermaid; Krakow’s old town, salt museum

Poland is located in the center of Europe, troubled history. Seated carriage walk the streets in the medieval style, your heart will be filled with not only a trace of sadness, but also can feel the strength of the country optimistic.

Warsaw has been regarded as the northern part of Paris, the old town is a local one of the most fascinating places. Warsaw, Krakow suburb Street is the most beautiful streets, streets with palaces, churches, hotels and luxury residential community. Szaszky palace is an exquisite palace garden, four seasons attract many tourists. Szaszky Park is walking holiday resort, often flying with captivating music. When Chopin piano recital Monument Office, the packed benches nearby.

Former Polish capital of Krakow is a rare World War II without fighting the medieval city of Warsaw more than the rich in medieval style. Perhaps the most interesting is the blend of medieval-style, Romanesque, Renaissance and Baroque-style design in an old palace and central Europe’s largest medieval Market Square, on behalf of the Polish national tradition of the most crucial thing is to stand Wawel castle in the mountains. There are two famous scenic spots in Krakow, the Auschwitz concentration camp and the Salt Museum.

Tips: Around the station or the travel agent Poland there are many homes to change the room rental, accommodation safe and clean.

Special souvenirs: Amber jewelry, wood chess.

Local cuisine: “Basas” (a red soup), Okocim and Piast beer, “Bulls Blood” wine.

Czech Republic: Twilight Fascination square in Prague

Gold Attractions: Prague Castle, Prague Old Town Square, Town Hall clock, Tyn Church, St. Vitus Cathedral, St. Nicholas Church, Hot Springs, MOSER crystal glass. There are many superb buildings

Czech Republic, the appearance of fine castles and churches, the “World Architecture Museum of Art,” Fitch; Czech Republic has also nurtured many musicians, is a country full of romantic.

The Czech capital, Prague is a major tourist city, Prague Castle, Czech Republic Group is one of the most attractive spots, a blend of the essence of art in various historical periods, including the St. Vitus Cathedral, a beautiful anomaly, except with the stunning stained glass, the board 287 steps at the top enjoy the scenery of the city is the essence of the Prague trip. Gold alley many small shops selling souvenirs and handicrafts, is the most poetic streets of Prague, Kafka’s former residence here, a small city of St. Nicholas Church is an example of Prague baroque architecture.

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