Childrens Audio Books –Wonderfully Effective Way to Help Your Child Improve Reading Comprehension

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Childrens Audio Books –Wonderfully Effective Way to Help Your Child Improve Reading Comprehension

Childrens Audio Books –Wonderfully Effective Way to Help Your Child Improve Reading Comprehension

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Home Page > Home and Family > Parenting > Childrens Audio Books –Wonderfully Effective Way to Help Your Child Improve Reading Comprehension

Childrens Audio Books –Wonderfully Effective Way to Help Your Child Improve Reading Comprehension

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Wouldn’t it be great if there were some way you could get your kids to listen to something besides extra-loud, ear-splitting music on their mp3 players and help them improve their school skills? Childrens audio books can do exactly this, and using audio books is generally cheaper and better for the planet than purchasing the hard copy version from the local bookstore.

A lot of kids struggle with reading comprehension these days, so parents are constantly looking for ways to help their students. Childrens audio books are a prime way to do this. A young, emerging reader might struggle with words in chapter books, but our listening comprehension levels are higher than independent reading.

Plus, listening to an audio book means students are hearing the words pronounced correctly, and are listening to a very fluent, capable reader…all of which are important skills to master both for school and for life. This means it’s entirely possible for kids who can physically read simple books, such as the Junie B. series, to easily listen to much more advanced books such as Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls.  They could actually understand everything in the book when they wouldn’t be able to do so reading the book on their own.

Studies have shown that the more books read, the better a student’s reading comprehension levels will be, and the most successful people in our country are well-known readers as well.

Additionally, listening to kids audio books is something that doesn’t even have to take up additional time, which can be hard to find if your student is involved in extra-curricular activities. Simply downloading the audio book to an mp3 player, which most kids already have, means they can listen to the book while walking to school, riding in the car on the way to soccer practice in the evenings, or while sitting at the doctor’s office waiting for a checkup. Since most mp3 players are small enough to fit in a pocket, they can go anywhere with your student, which means your student can always have a book on hand.

You don’t have to worry about adding extra weight to your child’s or student’s backpack because there is no heavy book to carry around. This is also great for our environment since no trees have to be sacrificed for an audio book download- and that’s definitely something worth considering.

There are literally thousands of kids audio books available, from the Twilight series that most teens adore to the classics such as The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.

One final benefit to using kids audio books over the hard copy is that the audio version is usually less expensive than the paper text, because you’re not paying for the tree that was cut down, or for the tree that had to be planted in its place.

Kids already love listening to their mp3 players…why not take advantage of this and help them improve their reading skills at the same time? It just makes good parenting sense.

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T. Nugent
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Make learning much more fun for your child –Download childrens audio books at today!

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Childrens Audio Books –Wonderfully Effective Way to Help Your Child Improve Reading Comprehension

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Nov 11, 2009

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Make learning much more fun for your child –Download childrens audio books at today!

This article can be reproduced as is, with no changes. Please include resource box.

This is a little romantic tribute to Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight using Maria McKee’s ‘Show me Heaven’ When my wife was reading the books, the lyrics of this song kept coming into her head: leave me breathless, show me heaven, shivers down my spine – it seems to describe how Bella & Edward react to each other with such intensity of feeling & it projects the romantic aspect of the story. See also my Tribute to New Moon, although i had problems with the audio (see video for details). Thanks for watching!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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