Change Your Affirmation

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Change Your Affirmation

Change Your Affirmation

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Change Your Affirmation

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Posted: Jul 20, 2010 |Comments: 0


Change Your Affirmation, Change Your Destiny

“I AM experiencing a Benign (B-9) body and mind,

and feeling better-and-better, on a daily basis


If you repeat this affirmation (oath, testimonial) for five-minutes before

falling asleep, and three-minutes on waking, you will change your

brain and nervous system. Say again? It is scientifically proven to work,

Do What? Increase your longevity up to nine-years, and reduce the risk of senior dementia up to 50%. If it is a fact how come Affirmations are not used in

schools to turn our kids into geniuses? Teachers want to teach, not chant slogans.

Brain And Affirmations

You are being bombarded with Self-Talk (Internal Dialogue) 24/7. The result is

a pattern of behavior, beliefs, and attitudes that affect your relationships, career,

and motivation. Your worldly success is determined by your long-term belief system.

“You don’t have the smarts to head the department.”

“You can try again to lose ten-pounds of ugly fat, but it is a waste of time.

It will just come back, right? You have a track record for lose/gain. Give it up.”

“Look, you have reached your glass-ceiling, stop wasting your time

trying for V.P. Get a hobby Dude.”

“She is out-of-your-class – it is a no-win game for you.”

Hypnagogic, Hypnopompic And Brainwave Rhythms

If you know about human brainwave rhythms – you are one-in-a-million.

Beta brainwave rhythms. We spend our conscious waking hours (when we are not daydreaming) in Beta Cycles Per Second. That is 13 to 40 Hertz (cycles per second). It is your Left-Brain in control using reason, logic, and planning. It is an intense state of alertness. Consciousness is for learning, memory, and organizing.

Alpha brainwaves – 8-13 Hz (cps) is relaxed alertness. Call it daydreaming, meditation, creative visualization and autosuggestion. Close your eyes for half-a-minute and you are there. Beta fades out and is replaced by Alpha.

Theta brainwaves – 4-7 Hz (cycles per second) occurs during creativity and dreaming. Your Intuition and creative imagery uses Theta Hz.

Delta – 0.5 – 4 Hz (cps) occurs during sleep and particularly dreaming.

Last thing: inquiring minds want to know: the discoverer of brainwave rhythms was Hans Berger, psychiatrist from Austria – in the 1930s. He developed the first working EEG to prove (measure) his science – the Electroencephalograph. It is improved and now called NeuroFeedback.

So What

When you are in bed and getting ready to fall asleep, your brainwaves are

changing. You are leaving Beta (left-brain consciousness) and moving into

Alpha (right-brain auto-pilot). This interim period of up to five-minutes permits

you to Program (condition) both your conscious and non-conscious minds.

For an extra prize – remember this transition is called Hypnagogic – a twilight zone

between being awake and falling asleep.


If you motivate yourself to silently recite your Affirmation during this transitionary (conversion, passage) period of five-minutes – you create a neuronal network in your cerebral cortex. Both hemispheres of your brain are programmable during this

twilight-zone. Scientists call it Neural-Plasticity.

After about a week it goes on Autopilot and continues to affect your nervous system. Google: Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System.  These control your

Fight-or-Flight programming.


Homo sapiens experience a second Twilight Zone prior to waking in the A.M. It is a called Hypnopompic. During this time your left and right brains are amenable to conditioning and association. You can insert Affirmations (computer commands)

that are immediately accepted by your left and right hemispheres for action.

Affirmations require repetition (p.m. and a.m) to become a neural network, but it’s easy because there is no resistance. It becomes programmed code and changes your brain’s motivation, beliefs and attitude.

Who Cares

Whatever you insert a Command Affirmation during Hypnagogic and Hypnopompic times your brain is rewired. It requires a relaxed

attitude of mind over 21 consecutive days to make your affirmation a permanent

goal. It used by students and corporate executives to overcome competition.

Emotions, Mental Imagery And Repetition

Association is linking your Affirmation with creative imagery summarizing your

desired outcome. Can you create a mental picture of graduating and receiving your

diploma? How about a mental movie of being promoted and receiving a bonus check of ,000?

It is not enough to repeat your Affirmation like a ventriloquist’s dummy. You need to surround your words with strong feelings and emotions. Now add your mental movies of attaining your goal. See it, feel it, say it, and it becomes your map.

Secret: you are conditioning both hemispheres for long-term success by overriding the negativity of most Self-Talk (Internal Dialogue) through positive Association and Conditioning.

Students and Learning

Professor Geoffrey Cohen, University of Colorado-Boulder did a series of tests with

Affirmations. His research appears in the journal, Science in 2002. It has been successfully repeated to date. The goal was to mentally condition (not brainwash)

African-American middle-school students for learning success.

These self-affirmation exercises (tested over two-years) helped boost their grades. It did not fade, but was the gift that kept on giving. Google: to discover the power of Command Affirmations over our brains.


Health and longevity.

“I-Am experiencing a Benign (B-9) Body-and-Mind,

and feeling better-and-better on this 1st of January, 2011,

and on a daily basis Ad Infinitum. And it is So.”

“I-Am experiencing a Benign Body-And-Mind,

and feeling better and better on a daily basis Ad Infinitum.” et al.

Would you own a major competitive advantage by permanently reading and remembering three (3) books, articles and reports compared to your peers,

who can hardly finish one?

Contact us for your free (no strings attached) important speed reading report now – while you are thinking about it.

See ya,

copyright © H. Bernard Wechsler [email protected]


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H. Bernard Wechsler
About the Author:

Author of Speed Reading For Professionals, published by Barron’s.

Business partner of Evelyn Wood (1907-1955) creator of speed reading.

Graduating 2-million including the White House staffs of four U.S.

Presidents: Kennedy-Johnson-Nixon-Carter


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Business partner of Evelyn Wood (1907-1955) creator of speed reading.

Graduating 2-million including the White House staffs of four U.S.

Presidents: Kennedy-Johnson-Nixon-Carter

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