Car into "menopause" How should care – car, menopause, maintenance – auto repair and maintenance industry

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Car into "menopause" How should care – car, menopause, maintenance – auto repair and maintenance industry

Although the car is built of steel, not flesh, but also with life and physical condition were almost the same with a “life cycle.” Vehicles at different times, their “physical condition” is quite different. The life cycle of the car I generally classified as “peak period”, “Microsoft of,” “Menopause”, “old age period” and “dangerous period” of five stages. The five stages of car maintenance, Service Focus is also different, with friends, according to their own car Car Life stage in which to take the appropriate “care” measures.

“Peak period” Car’s first two years of life, “peak period” can be said that the best condition when the car is equivalent to human adolescence. This period were full of passion, rhetoric ambition, daring to dare, have used up the strong, if not tired. This time the car is so, condition excellent, as long as routine maintenance, basically no problem, but the car more than two years to begin replacing some of the most vulnerable parts of the loss. However, some quality hard drive, however, “peak” period can only be maintained about a year. Therefore, the manufacturers warranty committed only one year because the new front for one year will not be out much of the basic quality issues.

“Microsoft on” Use 2 to 4 years later, the car began to enter the “Microsoft of.” Not as early as vim and vigor, energy and the. This time the car needs to regularly replace some components, to its added energy.

Brake Paper: car use in 2023 will require replacement of the brake pads. When a car to be repaired, first to check its brake pads, because the brake pads are Drive Safety first line of defense. Experience, brake pads will wear every two years or so, of course, was as accurate use of the driver’s habits. If you are kind of like slam Accelerator And slam on the brakes of the people, brake skin Wear and tear Certainly would be more severe, life will be more short.

Fuel pump: cars and motorcycles to more than two years when the fuel pump that is about the cleaning or replaced.

Shock absorber: the car to a three or four times, running up and may not have the new car so smooth, in which case, should check the car’s shock absorber. The role of shock absorber to reduce vibration of the car, which is part of the suspension system, if the damper spring is no longer flexible at high speeds will Shake Badly, rainy day is particularly dangerous.

“Menopause” Spend 4 to 6 years the car, they entered the “menopause.” Just as people enter the “climacteric” temper love as in “menopause” in the car, the problem is that routine, because many car parts are beginning to age, and from time to time Oil spill Leakage of small problems is endless. But this time the car, if well maintained, from the appearance or “bright water slide”, as well as point “Banlaoxuniang” charm. Some smart car owners will take advantage of this period began to transfer, this time the car either a better price, can also be problems that people all training and preparation.

“Old age period” Spend 6 to 10 years later, the car will enter the “twilight years of” the. Like 67-year-old elderly, seriously ill 369, minor ailments every day there is really unhappy bad children. This time the car is broken Melancholy owners ah, “strike” is 369, “small strike” is there every day, ah. All the bad places to go over a bad, bad, may not only those who changed parts. During this period, you must be the car to enhance the conservation, periodic replacement of wearing parts, service station or maintenance from time to time to check vehicle speed, center, before moving off and the car must be well received routine inspection, maintenance.

“Dangerous period” Used car in the 10 to 15 years, it is “dangerous period” of the. Like dying patients, the risk of dying at any time. This period is the same car, the owner is also uneasy when used, lest it “died” on the road. Thus, the use of the car during this period, you must have “a fear neither hardship nor death” of the spirit, if not with such a dauntless spirit, you’d better let it stay in the garage infirmary, or sent directly to the waste station sell scrap metal.

Gone through five cycles, a car’s life is ended. If you want your car spend more time with your years, then you make an effort to maintain the will happen. Usually every move to be noticed.

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