Breaking Dawn Movie Release Date

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Breaking Dawn Movie Release Date


Breaking Dawn Movie Release Date


The Breaking Dawn movie release date is circled on every Twilight  calendar. Once the Breaking Dawn movie release date arrives – both of them – the Breaking Dawn movie will finally bring an end to Twilight. The book series is already over, at least in its original incarnation. With Eclipse finally here, Twilight  fanatics will soon have to come to terms with the movie series nearing an end as well. There will only be two more chances to see Bella, Edward and Jacob on the big screen, starting with the first Breaking Dawn  movie release date on November 2011.

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After every Twilight movie, the countdown begins to the next one in no time. But, after Eclipse, there is only one story left in the series to adapt. Fortunately for fans, too much happens to limit it to one film, and so it is being split into two parts.

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According to Reuters, the Breaking Dawn movie release date is on Nov. 18, 2011 – but that is only for part one. Just like the end of Harry Potter, the final novel has been split into two films. However, Part 2’s release has not been determined yet, though it will likely be sometime in summer 2012.

The wait for the Breaking Dawn movie release date is the longest for a Twilight film. New Moon was released exactly a year after Twilight, while Eclipse came out just seven months later. But, part one of Breaking Dawn comes out 17 months after Eclipse, giving fans even more time to speculate on it.

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The speculation and potential controversy is already high, given what happens in the novel. As fans are well aware of, the finale is more graphic than its predecessors, and much more divisive in the fan base. Heading toward the Breaking Dawn movie release date, even Twilight haters are wondering how many of the wildest scenes will be in the film.

If they film the novel as is, it will be nearly impossible to get a PG-13 rating – which would keep much of the core audience away. As such, new director Bill Condon will have to make some hard cuts, although fans who hated the book likely wouldn’t mind.


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