Adolescent Q&A

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Adolescent Q&A

Adolescent Q&A

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Adolescent Q&A

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Posted: Jan 06, 2010 |Comments: 0



Does this engineer me a bleak girlfriend?
Earlier I was with my mom and my older cousin (Jake) and I started texting one of my friends. Jake asked who I be texting and I said Michael. Both him and my mom sounded shocked that I was texting a boy who wasn’t my boyfriend. They were saying “You’re discussion to other guys while you have boyfriend?”…

Does this ever transpire to you?
Just a minute ago, I was thinking of one of the best moments of my summer possibly my life, I mean I would bestow anything to replay it one more tiem, and I started crying a little because it was a moment ago so incredibly fun and happy! Have you ever done that with a memory? …

Does this girl similar to me or is she in recent times horn.y?
Today my good friend and I were eating at this picnic point. I was sitting next to her and we are good friends and I infer she might have a crush on me. She spilled her water on my crotch and wiped it rotten with a napkin kinda vigorously and said oh…

Does this girl similar to me?
I got to know this girl near the end of the institution year and after school ended we became friends on Myspace. I started sending her private messages and there’s similar to a ton of them. We usually exchange several PMs every day. Also, in her messages, she always includes several face, lots of these: 😛 and :],…

Does this hurt?Should I be dismayed? (Girls only)?
Well.. I want to get my underarms waxed professionally, but I’m too embarrassed to show them my underarm spike:S And does it hurt? Is it worth it? Or should I just shave like usual? It doesn’t hurt that much, it like peas in a pod feeling as pulling off a bandaid. and its better than shaving…

Does this individual close to me, eh?
Symptoms xP: *me & her always hung out at school *she always wait for me and we did stuff together 24/7 *at the movies the other day she said she was gonna try to sit next to the gal she like. She sat next to me AND far away from the girl she told me that she liked….

Does this look angelic for college application (medical school)?
well i want to study medicine. and i will be a junior this year in lofty school.. here we go! *over 75 service hours in a hospital (do you regard i have time to get to 100 before college applications *i started my school’s first pre-med club (who be had doctors like Dr. Greer who…

Does This Make Me Bi?
I’m 17. I know im straight because ive had boyfriends before, that ive loved…but when i masterbate i always meditate of girl on girl… i can see myself with a guy, defininitly. but idk, maybe a girl… does this make me bi? Don’t try to sign your sexual orientation. You are what you are, and you’re not bisexual or…

Does this Mean anything-Or should it?
My Boobs have been itching a lot lately… What does this be a sign of? Have you been tanning topless? I know random but that can do it. If not its dry skin. It could be that you have dry skin. Or maybe there’s some yard goods in your bra that you’re having a reaction to…? tIt…

Does this nouns crazy?
Ok I am a 14 year old girl. I live in Michigan and I am in love near everything country. I love country music (mostly Taylor Swift, Alan Jackson, Jason Aldean, Gretchen Wilson, and Charlie Daniels.) I also want to own a Chevy Pickup truck. I want a farm. I am pretty much a country girl who is stuck in a…

Does this nouns degrading to you?
OK, I just wanna know if I’m overreacting about this… So I’m 16 and at the beginning of the arts school year, my mom & I usually go bra&underwear shopping. This year, she doesn’t want to take me…So, she told me that my grandfather would be taking me. I don’t wanna sound unthankful or bratty (because I’m…

Does this nouns ok for the first year of 8th (:?
These Jeans:… (In Gray) These Shirt:… In the Falence Blue (2nd color), Lilac (5th color) or the pink (6th color) And These Shoes:… Maybe, if you have any other shoe ideas, please include (: Hair: Straight (I have layers) Makeup: Powder (Clinique,enormously Natural…

Does this nouns similar to a crazy belief?
So for quite some time now (since last winter I think) I’ve really be admiring one of my good friends. She’s really ambitious, y’know, like she know everything she wants to accomplish from now until death. She also really care about stuff, animals mostly, you name a charity and she’ll want to help them out. She’s really…

Does this nouns similar to a honest bequest for my friends 18th bday?
Well my best friend is turning 18, I am into giving meaningful gifts. Well she loves books and reading and well she said she wanted the twilight books. Well I be thinking of getting her the last book (that is the one she said she wanted most) and writing a little message…

Does this poem totally suck?
You’re my best friend Everything was great until I fell for you I told you that, and it caused all communication to extremity Until I told you that I didn’t care for you even though I do You now tell me more or less her The girl you’ve liked for years My vision starts to become just a blur Who…

Does this spawn sence?
i know this question has been asked on here a millon times..but i necessitate to know if this makes sence.. could this woman friends biological mom? we were talking in the order of it last night..and i guess it kind of make sence to me. okay well you all proberly know the story.. theres this proffesurrr/teacher at our school.. similar…

Does this spawn sense?
Okay so people always this thought that when you dig a hole gaping enough all the way to the other side of the mud then you will end up in China. Like honestly, so afterwards when you are China where will you end up? Am I the only one who think this is stupid? When I dig a whole…

Does this stingy anything ?
it means something its newly one of those things you never know what it really means. like, you dont get the heart pounding worried “how do i look” foreboding you get when you see a crush, its more like your heart melts and you forget your worries. i know this attitude all…

Does this woman’s story variety any sense?
Profile. about me: hey im Angela im 37 and enjoy life i own 8 beautiful children that are my life and i love so much XD i had my first child at 12 due to a rape incident and my first set of twins when i be 15 from the love of my life Robert my…

Does time travel by soon from 8th order to 12th class? I’m kinda fanatical to find to college?I wallow in wherei am tho?
OMG yes it does! i just graduate from high school in may, and i still remember when i be in 8th grade… it’s funny but, i have a awfully good memory and i still remember all of my teachers name all…

Does time turn hurriedly or slow when you’re surrounded by your teen years?
I’m 15 and I hate being a teenager. I despise how people don’t take me seriously even though I have a apt word in. I can’t stand being with race my age. They’re so cliquey and immature. I’m not saying I’m perfect or that I know everything, I know I enjoy more…

Does wax your legs hurt?
Well my mom offered me to my legs waxed at the salon. Does it hurt? I already got my eyebrows done, but not waxed. or should I use this bran current shaver which I already own? Waxing ftw. waxing does hurt, but its totally worth it to me. i’m 13 and have gotton my…

Does your boyfriend/girlfriend own an item of clothing that you love to wear?
I wear his shirt to bed. And i wear his hoody when i get cold. I’ve worn his jeans before too lol. I send them to his to acquire washed, then they come back smelling of him still 🙂 I ADORE my boyfriend’s beige beanie head covering with a blue…

Does your boyfriend/girlfriend/person you approaching look close to anyone celebrated?
i like a guy who looks quite a lot resembling this:……… mm jared leto 🙂 lol xx (mainly the ones where jared’s got brown hair, cos the boy i close to doesnt wear eyeliner and hes got brown hair, but no facial hair lol) …

Does your mom ever do this… (talk nearly sex infront of you)?
Sometimes my mom says the most sexual remarks and it makes me sick.. Like the other day when her friend be over she was saying “how on earth did she (about my grandmother) go by her driving test..? she’s terrible! I bet she gave the educationalist a bl*wjob” I was sitting there like…

Does your mom formulate dinner for you every hours of darkness?
Mine doesn’t, she only does Like once a week, and it makes me mad. I know I nouns Like a baby, but I don’t know, if I had kids, I would make them dinner at least possible 4 days a week. It’s not Like my mom is busy, she works only 4…

Does/did anyone cut themselves?
Because i do..a lot. its been about a year since ive started. i stopped for a few months, but started again. i didnt really see the point to stop. did anyone else do it? what be your reason or triggers? my family, and most of my friends dont understand. and i almost dont any. i used to. i did it…

Doesn’t it bother you when guys whistle at you?!?
I don’t approaching it too. o.o People whistle at me but I’m 13! o.o I used to think it was degrading, and I guess I still do but at indistinguishable time it is kind of flattering if they’re in a car or walking ancient me, it’s not like if I smile at them they’re going to…

Doesnt this suck bigtime?
today my mom took me to buy some games , well earlier my mom decided to agree to me buy gta sa cause she thought i was mature ample, well when she was gonna pay for it the clerk be like” are you sure you want to expose your child to strong violence blah b;lah blah and then she decided…

Doess this nouns right?
a 15 year old in the 7th grade pregnant thats one stupid 15 year old lol. That’s not possible at least not in the Charlotte, North Carolina she would already hold social promotion and get sent to a 8th grade class and if she is still pregnant in the 8th status CMS (our school system) would help her into…

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Thailand, the reproductive and sexual health education should be included in the curriculum for the second level – primary education (Grades 4-6). It is too late to start from Third level – secondary education (Grades 1-3), thus; the Ministry of Education has to prepare a new policy to put this subject at the Basic Education Curriculum Standard as soon as possible. In addition it appears that in Thailand media has caused a change in sex related values among adolescents with the misuse of Internet in getting information on sex related issue supplemented by the Medias and Booklets are increasing Crime problems of sexually abused. Thus, the quality of the textbooks or booklets to be distributed should be improved to increase the knowledge and understanding of adolescents about reproductive health education and sexual health education.

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Understanding the Realities of Childhood and Adolescent Depression

Children and adolescents can become depressed. Contributing factors vary among individuals, as do specific signs and symptoms. But risk factors apply to all, including the potential for social problems, academic impairment, family disruption, selfesteem problems, self-abuse, and even death through the act of suicide. Children and adolescents cannot be counted on to openly point out they are struggling with depression. Often they are not even aware they are depressed or that help is possible.

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How to Have a Compelling Start for Adolescent Essay

After the topic of an essay, introduction plays the second important role in effective composition of any essay. No matter, how perfect your essay is, if you are not able to begin it effectively, it won’t create any worthwhile effects. Same is the case with adolescent essay; you have to create a unique essay starting strategy, so we are providing you with five different ways to begin your adolescent essay.


College and Universityl
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Impact Of Mass Media On Adolescent Health: ”the Dark Side”

Mass media plays a paramount role in today’s society. Mass media are tools for the transfer of information, concepts, and ideas to both general and specific audiences. Communicating about health through mass media is complex, however, and challenges professionals in diverse disciplines. Impact of mass media on Adolescents is particularly vulnerable because this is the age when they are more easily influenced by negative aspect of everything.

Vijayeta Priyadarshinil
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Adolescence: a Sine Quo’on of One’s Life

Adolescence is like a bridge between the stage of infancy and adulthood.

Farzina Nazninl
Aug 07, 2006
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Depression in Adolescents

Depression in adolescents is a disorder which occurs due to persistent sadness, loss of interest, loss of self worth and discouragement. Depression is normally a temporary reaction towards situations of stress.

Krishan Bakhrul
Jan 18, 2008
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PROTECT YOUR KIDS ONLINE: How to keep your children safe online – Internet Content Filtering – Children and Online PC Safety

A recent survey of children has revealed that one out of every two children in North America have gone home after school (to their own or to a friend’s house) and watched adult websites. Many of these children are as young as six and seven. Many home computers are completely unsecure and many unsupervised children are visiting porn, adult social media and radical political websites that would shock their parents — if they knew! How to provide online security for children…

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I was worried about a Christmas alone….. but the teenagers came to the rescue!!

After my husband died in April, I was worried that most of Christmas day would be spent alone, for the first time….. my grown up children all visiting their friends and others….however, I was in for a surprise………

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An Exercise in Growing Up

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Difficult Mother – How to Deal With It

Some people may be experiencing having to live with difficult mothers. If you have been struggling with this kind of problem, do not lose hope. This article might help you.

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Pamper Parties – The Perfect Birthday Party for Your Daughter

When it comes to organising girl’s birthday parties it can be hard to find an original idea that will be well received. Young girls are getting bored of parties at play centres and trips to the cinema. Fortunately there is a new type of party available that makes girl’s look and feel wonderful while still having a fantastic time. You may be wondering what these parties are, well they are pamper parties.


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Middle School Bullying – Something Every School Suffers From

Middle School Bullying – Something Every School Suffers From

Heter Mathel

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Facts About Adolescents:For Better Understanding

Adolescence stage is not only referred to as an awkward stage but also the most complicated phase in a person’s life. The blame is centered to the physiological change which affects the child emotionally…as well as mentally.
The parent’s role is very important in this child’s journey to adulthood. Guidance, support and understanding are what the child needed to channel the negative effects of these changes.
“Hold me while you let me go” best describes the adolescent’s emotional state of being.


Home and Family>
Dec 24, 2010

Things teens buy:Clothes81

For most teens, it’s important to look good. Go to any high school or middle school and you will see that boy girls and boys obviously put a lot of effort into making sure their clothing is just right.


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Dec 23, 2010

Grade Schooler Questions & Answers

Yet more doomed to failure routine from my child?
At home, my son is still doing as he’s told when we tell him. I won’t lie and say that he never tries to argue – but I tend to nip this contained by the bud and tell him what will happen if he refuses – such as no tidying up, and I will simply put…


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Adolescent Faq

Env 3 OR Env touch for a 13 year ancient girl?
Ok the phones I am thinking about getting are the Env 3 and the Env Touch. Also for this essay I’m doing statistics on which phone is better for the 12-14 year old crowd. Also please dont say i dont entail those kinds of phones because that really isnt what im asking. Thanks to…


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Mar 30, 2010

Baby Names Q&a

Do you similar to these boys name?
I am trying to find the perfect name for my son (due in 10 weeks!) My favorite so far hold been Sawyer Wesley Damien I do like foreign (Irish, Welsh etc) names – I resembling uncommon names that aren’t too trendy but also not too crazy or unusually. I like the identify Ianto (Welsh) – but…


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Mar 30, 2010

Adoption Questions & Answers

Does anyone know what would crop up contained by this situation?
If a child’s grandparents were raising him, and then his mother looked-for him back, how could she get him back? Would she hold to go to court? What if the grandparents had no problem in giving the boy to her? Also, at the starting point, when the parent couldn’t take care of the…


Home and Family>
Mar 30, 2010

Pregnancy Faq

How to i transmutation my daughters ending autograph ?
I am looking to change my 2 year old daughters last christen to her dads, her last name is under my end name right now but we are getting married now, and that will be my later name so i would like to change her first name, how to i go about doing that , or…


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Mar 30, 2010

Parenting Q&a

Does my unknown avatar pic promote tartism? PQ: Water day at daycare. spray sunscreen or the other stuff yeah. ah-dorable tho! I never did get boys play with trucks and girls beside dolls. My brother in law hates surrounded by went his son plays with a pram. Boys will most likely become dads sometime and that’s who they copy. They…


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Trying To Conceive Questions And Answers

Depression and trying to conceive? Ive only been trying for 3/4 months and its making me depressed?! It just seem so much easier for everyone else! I hate how i feel so jealous of population, and get upset if i find out someone is pregnant. I think im paranoid because ive had reasonably a few problems when i was younger but i had alot of…


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Mar 07, 2010
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Toddler Preschooler Faq

How can I seize my 4 year weak to stop climbing on me? Every time I sit or lie down my four year old immediately starts climbing on me. Occasionally she even follows me around holding on to my pant leg. I can’t bring back anything done. When she does this and I am busy, I usually take her off and seat…


Home and Family>
Mar 07, 2010

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