Ways to Create Your Own Twilight Makeup Collection

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Ways to Create Your Own Twilight Makeup Collection

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In the past two years, Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Saga has gone from a simple story for teenage girls to a full-blown, pop culture phenomenon.

With the third installment, Eclipse, opening in theatres this week, women of all ages are wondering how to get a Twilight makeup collection look for themselves.

One popular makeup brand known for its Venom lip plumper has taken the Twilight Makeup Collection a step further and created looks for a few of the books’ female characters.

But as popular as the series is, many of these looks are sold out. Never fear, though – whether you’re Team Edward or Team Jacob, we’ve got the inside scoop on how to create a Twilight Makeup Collection of your own!

Bella – Bella’s makeup reflects the every girl image Meyer showed us in the books. While Bella might not care much for style or makeup (go ahead and count the number of times she references sweatpants), her makeup palette features nude shadows, a warm blush, and just the sheerest hint of cherry gloss. You can imitate this Twilight Makeup Collection by buying a taupe or champagne eye shadow, a light pink blush, and a nude lip gloss.

Rosalie – We finally get to know Edward’s beautiful yet cold-as-ice sister in Eclipse. Rosalie’s Twilight Makeup Collection look reflects her storied beauty with peachy shadows, coral blush, and an apricot lipstick. Rosalie’s collection is a great choice for anyone since the tones are all very suitable for a variety of skin tones. If you crave this Twilight Makeup collection, try looking for the same colors used in Bella’s collection but add a hint of shimmer.

Alice – Sweet and just a little eclectic, Alice’s makeup collection is nothing short of fashion forward. And what else would the pint-sized, future-seeing fashion lover choose for herself? Her Twilight makeup collection colors feature a shimmery blue and silver shadow, rose blush, and hot pink lips. Yep, Jasper, hot pink lips! Imitate this look by adding a little black eye liner and mascara for a look worth staying out all night for.

Victoria – Just like the red-headed bad vamp, Victoria’s look is fierce, hot, and fiery. Victoria’s Twilight makeup collection embraces her bad side with jewel-toned shadows and a deep, wine colored lip stain. We think this look works best on girls with medium skin tones, but pale-as-a-Cullen cuties can rock it for a slightly Goth look.

There are two new looks in this Twilight makeup collection – one devoted to Team Jacob (forest colored shadows) and one for Team Edward girls (icy cool tones with a sparkling shadow), but we think you should get creative and create your own Twilight makeup collection just in time for your first viewing of Eclipse! Just don’t forget to add a hint of body glitter so you can sparkle in the sun!

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