Twilight Party Ideas For Everyone

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Twilight Party Ideas For Everyone

Twilight Party Ideas have become more and more popular as time goes on since Stephenie Meyer published her book series, Twilight.  Tweens and Teenagers have gone wild over this human and vampire romance story. It’s is easy to understand too.  Who wouldn’t want dreamy Edward Cullen, the almost perfect mate….even if he is a vampire! 

With the popularity of Twilight, more and more teenagers want to use Twilight party ideas to create a unique and interesting theme for their parties…birthdays, Halloween or just any “I-feel-like-wanting-to-throw-a-party” occasion.


So where do you find good Twilight party ideas? It’s easy. Read the books and get your party ideas right from them.  Begin with your color scheme…black and red…and white.  Just look at the book covers and you will begin to get ideas from them.  Use these basic colors for your decorations and your party supplies…the table cloths, plates, invitations…everything!

On the cover of the first book, Twilight, there is a red apple.  So put apples all over the table. Put them in fruit bowls set on the table or put one next to each place setting, or even right on top of every plate.

Do you own the Twilight Soundtrack or DVD?  It would be the perfect music for this party theme.  If not, why not download some of the soundtrack songs.  You can do that for free online.   Choose “Super Massive Black Hole” or “Bella’s Lullaby” and of course, don’t forget Linkin Park and Muse!  Play the movie for party background noise.

Even though the Cullen’s are not Fang bearing blood suckers you can wear vampire fangs and some sparkle make up.  If you really want to play the part you can get some FX Vampire Lenses for your eyes.  They come in all colors and designs and are really hypnotic to look at.  

If you have a few Twilight posters, or can buy a couple, they would go far as decorations for your party room.  You can also use pictures of the cast and characters cut out from magazines and put into picture frames. 


Twilight Games!  Of course, no party is complete unless you play some fun games. Twilight trivia and quizzes are very popular amongst the Tween and Teen age fan group.  Just go through the books to get some questions and quotes to use. I’ve heard there was even a Twilight board game, but have never seen one myself.  Have you? Is it any good?


Using these fun Twilight ideas might just make you the Party Queen to your Twi-hard friends.  series.  I’m sure, since most Twilight fans are very creative people, you can come up with a lot more fun ideas for your party. Make sure to have fun…since that is what a party is all about.  remember.


Jillian Gallo is a freelance writer who loves parties and thinks finding good party ideas, fun party games and cheap party supplies is fun! Be sure to visit to find easy party ideas, cheap party supplies and great party recipes for all your party needs!

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