Twilight Hunger (Twilight Series Book 7)

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Twilight Hunger (Twilight Series Book 7)

When Morgan DeSilva uncovered the ancient diaries, she entered the world of a dead madman who believed himself a vampire. Dante’s story made her famous, yet she is wasting away, prey to erotic dreams as real as if he were thereā€¦.She is one of the Chosen, and she can be his. His kiss can save her from destiny’s curse, from the enemies stalking them both. But first he must trust her. With his life. With his love. With the promise of immortality.

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5 Responses to “Twilight Hunger (Twilight Series Book 7)”
  1. L. J Lewis says:

    Review by L. J Lewis for Twilight Hunger (Twilight Series Book 7)
    I can’t make up my mind about this one. Parts I really really liked, other things about it… I’m not so sure about. Usually when I feel ambivalent about a novel, I end up disliking it. I think what I expected from this book was a romance, but it needs to be approached from a general vampire fiction stand point.
    Morgan DeSilva is a struggling screen writer who falls in love with the vampire Dante after she reads his journals containing his life story. Thinking him a long dead mad man, she uses his story as the story line for a series of popular movies. Fast forward 5 years, Morgan is dying from her Belladonna antigen and on the brink of winning an Oscar. Dante comes to her small town in Maine, hunted by the surviving members of the DPI. He is furious to find out that Morgan has been publishing his secrets. Can he put aside his mistrust and safe Morgan?
    That is plot one of the story. I thought Morgan and Dante needed to talk more, and I really didn’t like Morgan. I think Maggie Shayne went overboard on making her seem like a poor little rich girl and she’s plagerizing her screen plays which made her come across as basically dishonest. It seems like Dante has been completely rewritten from what we were told about him in Twilight Vows. Sure, he mentions things from Vows, but it seems more like an after thought than to explain why he is the way he is. And beware one very creepy, graphic journal entry involving Dante and a woman of loose morals. I liked plot two a lot better.
    Maxine is a young woman who has a conspiracy theory for everything. One night, she goes to investigate the burning wreckage of the DPI HQ. She sees a man crawl from the burning building and picks up a disk he drops. On the disk she finds information on vampires that the DPI knows about. The next day a man calls her, threating her mother and friends if she says a word about what see saw the night before. 5 years later, she and her cop pal, Lou, find themselves tangling with the DPI agent Frank Stiles when a friend of Lou is found murdered by a vampire. The trail leads to Morgan since Dante’s, the character in her movies, is identical to the DPI’s file on Dante.
    It’s a good thing I liked this plot line better because it took up most of the book. I liked the suspicious Mad Maxie a lot better than Janet Dailey-esque Morgan. The only really creepy thing about this plot line, is Maxie’s attraction to Lou who is twenty years older than she is.
    This is a fast paced, fairly interesting read. I’d give 3 and half stars; however, I think more could have been done to make this story better. I think it would have been much better if Maxine had been the lead female character. Yes, I lead more toward like than dislike on this one but I hope Maggie Shayne does better in the next Twilight book. Twilight Hunger wasn’t quite up to par with the rest of the series.

  2. rcarey22 says:

    Review by rcarey22 for Twilight Hunger (Twilight Series Book 7)
    Maggie is definitely the Queen of vampire romances in my book. She’s back again with a new installment of her Twilight series – bringing us some very interesting characters:Dante – a vampire on a mission to discover who is the individual spilling all their secrets but ends up finding his soul mate. Will he love her or kill her?Morgan DeSilva – a sickly screenwriter who finds a diary and falls in love the author and uses his stories to make them her own. Does she believe the dreams she’s having every night or is it really happening?Maxine Stuart – adopted daughter who owns her own company (barely keeping it afloat) with a good heart, good friends and she’s in love with a cop who thinks of her as a child but Maxine perseveres. She finds out she has a connection to Morgan and is willing to do anything to save Morgan from the path she’s chosen. Can she save Morgan and will her love ever be reciprocated?Sarafina – a gypsy vampire who’s trying to keep her only remaining family member close to her and no one else. Can she hold Dante or must she release him to his heart’s desire?Lou – a good cop who’s always after truth and justice but doesn’t want to believe the truth that’s staring him in the face. Will he realize that you can’t run from love?Frank Stiles – the bad penny from the secret government agency “DPI” who keeps turning up. Will he ever give up his hatred of vampires?The paths of all these individuals eventually cross, bringing you a story filled with courage, love, trust and a deep hatred. I love these series and am always anxiously awaiting the next release. You won’t be disappointed with Twilight Hunger or any of the novels in the series (I’ve read them all) and you WILL savor every moment from start to finish.

  3. M. Bradley says:

    Review by M. Bradley for Twilight Hunger (Twilight Series Book 7)
    Suffering from a rare blood disease, Morgan D’Silva has set goals for herself that she wants to hit quickly. The adopted daughter of a famous screen writer and renowned actress, she has always dreamed of being a screen writer herself. Yet tragedy has recently struck her adopted family, and not only did she lose her parents, she lost everything she knew and was familiar with because of the enormous debts they had accrued. Not knowing exactly where to start, she takes an offer from a close family friend to stay in a recently purchased older home. Little does she know she’ll not only find her inspiration here, but the love she thought she’d never have.The vampire,Dante had never had a problem before hiding in open sight. But suddenly it is like the world in general, and a particular bunch of vampire hunters specifically, know every move he is going to make. They’ve found all his hideouts, know all of his secrets. How could this be?? No one knew these things. Fleeing yet another attempt on his undead life, he retreats to a home that he had owned a hundred years before. He is shocked to see that it has been totally restored to the way it was when he lived there, almost down to the last detail. He is even more shocked to see the human mortal woman who lives there, Morgan, and discover that she is one of “the chosen”. For only the chosen are able to be changed into vampires and survive. She was his for the taking….And she was calling to HIM in the night. Dante. How? How could she know his name? And that this was once his home? Dante soon finds that Morgan knows everything about him…secrets from hundreds of years past. He has to discover how she knows, and who she has told. Could she be the traitor who has turned the vampire hunters on him??Maggie Shayne has created an incredible story of intrigue, the paranormal, and love story that is to `die’ for. Her characters are so true to life personality, strength and weakness wise, that we can totally relate to them. She made me cringe at some of the things the vampire, Dante, did, while at the same time sympathizing and falling in love with him. She interweaves a secondary story line that will shock you, and pulls it off beautifully without taking away from Dante and Morgan’s story. If you’re a fan of vampires, you don’t want to miss this read!! TWILIGHT HUNTER is a stand alone story, one you’ll fall in love with, but is also tied to a series of books by Maggie Shayne, her WINGS IN THE NIGHT series. I had never read them before, and must tell you, this reviewer is on a book hunt for her backlist!!

  4. Carolyn Martin says:

    Review by Carolyn Martin for Twilight Hunger (Twilight Series Book 7)
    TWILIGHT HUNGER is an interesting story, but the author’s habitual use of one particular phrase drove me to distraction. God, I hate it when she does that. God, I wish she’d stop. God, what’s going on here? It seemed like in every paragraph she had a “God, ….” phrase. On some pages, it literally *is* every paragraph, at least once. If you took out all of those “God,” and just capitalized the first letter in the word after the comma, it would work just fine. Apparently every single character in her book thinks or talks like that, from the very old gypsy vampiress to the young private investigator chick. Highly, highly annoying.Obviously, the phrasing made an impression upon me. It was bad enough that I read the end of the book to see if I really wanted to plod through that annoyance. I did finish the book eventually, but the book is easy to put down and quite predictable. I’m not impressed with this woman’s writing style, but I may give her another chance because reviews seem to indicate her other books were better.

  5. Nusper says:

    Review by Nusper for Twilight Hunger (Twilight Series Book 7)
    Ms. Shayne begins the book by thanking someone for encouraging this novel. But in truth, Ms. Shayne should smack that person. The novel begins with the main character finding Dante’s diaries and believing they are works of fiction. She revises these novels into screenplays and eventually makes blockbuster movies. The story is much longer than I have defined and has winning moments but it is plagued with trying to do too much. Ms. Shayne was obviously trying to create another series from this novel and so there are more charcters than probably need to be. There is too little character development of the ‘right’charcters, main characters, and too much development of sub-characters.If you are a loyal fan of this genre you might enjoy this book.
    If you are a fan of Ms. Shayne, as I am, you will probably be a little disappointed.

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