Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart – their Twilight Kid?

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“9-year old Mackenzie Foy is inches away from signing on to play Renesmee” in part two of Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. This is huge casting news for Twihards everywhere because Renesmee is among the most difficult characters to humanly embody. What do I mean by that?
Edward Cullen and Bella Swan will be married in Breaking Dawn, part one. On their honeymoon, the pair will unwittingly conceive a child, half human, half vampire. Yes, they understand the birds and the bees, but who knew interbreeding was possible? Without giving too much away to those who have not read Stephenie Meyer’s books, I can tell you, despite threatening her momma’s life a heck of a lot, baby Renesmee is eventually born.
Her name comes from the first names of Bella’s mom, Rene, and Edward’s vampiric foster mother Esmee. The child grows at an exponential rate, because, let’s face it, who wants to be frozen as a half-vampire baby forever, and anyway vampire babies are strictly forbidden in vampire law. In fact it takes her 7 years to turn 17 and pretty much stay stuck there. Her skin has a human blush, she’s the gets the most beautiful physical features of her parents, and has an amazing mystical ability.
Even author Meyer herself was concerned over casting Renesmee in the films, explaining in the special features of one of my Twilight Saga DVDs, that the special effects to bring the child to life just didn’t exist. I disagreed because I had already seen The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and knew that truly anything in cinema is now possible. Meyer was a little busy to have seen that film herself. Will that type of movie magic be employed to make 9-year-old Foy into an infant?, September 29, 2010
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