For Twilight Lovers and Haters

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For Twilight Lovers and Haters

1) you take personal offence when someone even casually insults Edward or any of the other cullens. 
2) you begin a search for your own edward. 
3) vampires become your fantasy *scoffs* 
4) you consider the Twilight series as wonderful literature. 
5) you’ve convinced all your friends to read the books. 
6) fairy tales become believable again . 
7) you secretly wish that an edward would come and bite your neck so that you can become a vampire yourself. 
8) “edward cullen” becomes your type. 
9) you start to believe in chivalrous men..( like thats ever going to happen ) 
10) no matches up to mr cullens standards. 
11) you want to name your children/pets after twilight characters. 
12) you’ve fantasized about headboard breaking sex eve so often !! 
13) you will read other books by stephanie myer hoping they’ll be just as *ahem* brilliant as twilight. 
14) you consider those who havent read the book to be missing out on something great in life..*as if* 
15) enough said. 

twilight haters…feel free to add.. 
no offence meant to any of you edward lovers.. i respect your fictional fickle choice..



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